Tirox Announces SnapJack SS

Press Release | January 19, 2021

The Tirox SnapJack is a tool that does the job of a centerstand to lift rear wheels off the ground for easy chain maintenance and wheel cleaning. The SnapJack V2 is for motorcycles with traditional swingarms, while the new SnapJack SS is for bikes with single-sided swingarms.

Tirox SnapJack SS

Here is the press release from Tirox about the new SnapJack SS…

Tirox SnapJack SS | The Portable Wheel Stand For Single-Sided Swingarms

Everyone loves the beautiful appearance of motorcycles with single-sided swingarms, as seen on some of the coolest sporty bikes on the market from Ducati, KTM, and Triumph.

However, the lack of a centerstand on these special motorbikes makes chain lubing and adjustments a hassle. A paddock stand does the job to lift a rear tire off the ground, but they cost hundreds of dollars and require space to store them.

The tidy and cost-effective solution is the innovative SnapJack SS, an indispensable tool for riders who love their single-sided-swingarm motorcycles.

Tirox SnapJack SS

What Is It?

The SnapJack SS uses the innovative architecture that underpins the patent-pending SnapJack V2, using a clever pivoting design that levers up a rear wheel in mere seconds. Almost instantly, the wheel spins freely, allowing quick and efficient chain adjustment and lubing, as well as enabling convenient wheel cleaning and tire inspections.

SnapJack SS is built tough with high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel produced in the USA and CNC-formed in Canada, using industrial-grade powder-coating for a durable finish. A high-quality stainless-steel knuckle securely holds the Delrin-covered roller that inserts into the axle hub for a dependable and sturdy fit. The collapsible design folds in half to just 9 inches for easy storage anywhere, even in luggage to enable on-the-road maintenance!

Tirox SnapJack SS

How Does It Work?

The SnapJack SS uses mechanical leverage to effortlessly raise the rear wheel by applying vertical force to the swingarm that levers securely against the motorcycle’s sidestand.

Tirox SnapJack SS
  • Apply the front brake with the included Velcro strap and turn handlebars to the left.
  • Insert the roller into the rear axle.
  • Place the cleated base a few inches away from the tire with the pivot at a shallow angle.
  • Push the pivot section toward the bike, raising the rear tire off the ground.

The SnapJack SS Kit

  • Height-adjustable two-piece pivoting section with cleated base
  • Ball-lock detent pin to secure the SnapJack in its lifted position
  • Front-brake-lever strap
  • Anti-slip rubber pads for use on smooth/slippery surfaces
  • 29mm or 42mm roller to accommodate popular axle diameters

Available for most Ducatis, KTMs and Triumphs with single-sided swingarms, the carefully engineered and tested SnapJack SS retails for only $69.99. It’s available from top dealers and e-tailers in the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK and Australia, backed by a one-year limited warranty.



For more information, visit tiroxproducts.com


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