2021 AMA East and West Hare Scrambles Schedules- UPDATED

Cycle News Staff | January 15, 2021

The tentative schedules for 2021 AMA West Hare Scrambles and 2021 AMA East Hare Scrambles have been announced. On January 15, 2021, West Hare Scrambles updated the schedule.

2021 AMA East and West Hare Scrambles Schedules

The series organizer for West Hare Scrambles says that the locations of round one and round four could potentially swap locations. Additionally, number requests will be opening on January 15. The updated (as of January 15) calendar is below:

ama west hare scrambles

AMA East Hare Scrambles (East HS) had plans to kick off the season on January 16-17 at West Craven MX in North Carolina, but had to cancel, they said,  due to “the layout of the property and potential size of the crowd, [East HS organizer] felt that it would be rather difficult to maintain safe social distancing. Both AMA East and the promoter felt it was not worth the risk and [they] will try to reschedule later during the year.”

The series now plans to begin on Valentine’s Day in Union, South Carolina. EHS organizer reminds racers that minor participants must complete/renew the release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement.

Here are both schedules, as of January 5, 2021:

AMA East Hare Scrambles

2/14 (Rnd 1) Union, SC
3/21 (Rnd 2) Martinsville, VA
5/15-16 (Rnd 3) Eagleswood Township, NJ
6/19-20 (Rnd 4) Tamaqua, PA
8/14 (Rnd 5) Harpursville, NY
9/19-20 (Rnd 6) Westfield, MA
11/6 (Rnd 7) TBA
11/7 (Rnd 8) TBA

AMA West Hare Scrambles

4/3-4 (Rnd 1) Doyle, CA
5/15-16 (Rnd 2) Hagerman, ID
5/29-30 (Rnd 3) Jacksonville, OR
6/12-13 (Rnd 4) Bellingham, WA
10/16-17 (Rnd 5) Boise, ID
11/6 (Rnd 6) Stillwater, OK
11/7 (Rnd 7) Stillwater, OK
11/20-21 (Rnd 8) Wilseyville, CA


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