Royal Enfield Build Train Race Phase Two

Press Release | November 30, 2020

Royal Enfield North America announces phase two of the Build Train Race program

Royal Enfield BUILD TRAIN RACE Program

The following is a press release from Royal Enfield…

Royal Enfield North America announced today its phase two of the Build Train Race (BTR) program, which will now seek out female motorcyclists to go road racing with the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. Similar to the flat track Build Train Race four women will be handpicked by Royal Enfield for this iteration of the program through a video selection process. Women interested in the program must submit a video questionnaire here to be considered.

Professional Road Racer and current BTR Flat Track Participant Melissa Paris has agreed to mentor the women during every phase of the program. She will work with each participant on creating a design for their builds, building sponsorship decks, and training off and on the track.

Professional road racer Melissa Paris will participate in Royal Enfield BUILD TRAIN RACE Program.
Road racer Melissa Paris made her professional debut in the 2009 Daytona 200. That same year she became the first woman to qualify for a World Supersport event.

“Building upon the success of the initial Build Train Race program, we decided to carry the momentum into the road racing segment, ” said Royal Enfield Americas Head of Marketing Breeann Poland. “This is a unique opportunity for women interested in getting into road racing and to make a name for themselves in a national racing program. Working with a world class racer like Melissa Paris is not an opportunity that comes along often. The ladies will also be some of the first people to road race the Continental GT 650 platform, so the motorcycling world will be watching.”

VIDEO | Royal Enfield : Build. Train. Race.

The participants will be chosen by a panel of judges which includes Breeann Poland, Head of Marketing – Americas, veteran road racer and flat track BTR participant Melissa Paris and accomplished racer and journalist Anne Roberts. The selected participants will then have several months and a small budget to convert a Continental GT 650 Twin into road racing trim. Paris will provide valuable insights during the build process.

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