2020 Atlanta Short Track Results

| October 4, 2020

2020 Atlanta Short Track Results: Jared Mees (Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) doubled up at Dixie Speedway with a second barn-burning Progressive American Flat Track victory in Saturday night’s Yamaha Atlanta Short Track presented by Law Tigers II.


Atlanta Short Track 2

Jared Mees swept the Atlanta Short Track doubleheader and is right back in the title chase. He trails championship leader Briar Bauman by 12 points with four rounds left. Photo: AFT


While Mees was forced to overcome his great rival, defending Grand National Champion Briar Bauman (Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750), to win on Friday night in Woodstock, Georgia, Saturday’s challenge came from a more unexpected source: young rising star Brandon Price (Roof Systems of Dallas, Texas Indian FTR750).

Despite their contrasting résumé, that test proved no less stiff; the up-and-comer gave the masterful Mees all he could handle.

Price actually led the bulk of the race, deftly corralling a racey Mees behind him despite the multi-time series king’s repeated attempts to fight his way through. At one point, Mees’ overtaking maneuver sent him up into the wall, jamming the factory Indian rider’s footpeg into his own brake.

At that moment, it seemed like Price might power away to an easy win, but Mees regrouped, adjusted and mounted another assault. Their vast difference in experience didn’t factor in until after the countdown clocks hit zero, at which point Mees executed a tough-but-fair pass to lead the final two laps and win by 0.339 seconds.

“Early on, I thought I could just settle in and get by, but I don’t know…” Mees admitted. “(Price) was probably getting a little tense at the end because I was throwing everything I could at him. I threw him some bait in Turn 1 where I was acting like I was coming real high and just sliced across the middle and threw in a little block pass.

“It was a great race. I can’t say enough for my team. We’re going to just keep plugging one race at a time. We’re not out of this yet. We’re going to fight back as best we can and what the points are at the end is what they are.”

Meanwhile, title leader Bauman slashed his way forward from an early seventh to finish a lonely third some two-and-a-half seconds back.

Sammy Halbert (Coolbeth-Nila Racing Indian FTR750) finished in fourth another second in arrears, with an injured Brandon Robinson (HCRR Racing/Ben Evans Racing Indian FTR750) registering a gritty ride to round out the top five.

Mees’ Atlanta double provided his title hopes a major boost; he now trails Bauman by just 12 points (256-244) with four races remaining to decide the 2020 AFT SuperTwins presented by Vance & Hines Championship.

AFT Singles

2020 Atlanta Short Track Results-Daniels-friday
Dallas Daniels won both Single main events.

AFT Singles presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys title favorite Dallas Daniels (No. 32 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) out-dueled Morgen Mischler (No. 13 Roof Systems DFW/Duffy Fleet Services KTM 450 SX-F) in an Atlanta Short Track rematch that may have been even more spectacular than their Friday epic.

Mischler and Daniels shook free from the pack in the early stages of the race and then set about resuming last night’s dogfight. In contrast to the previous round, however, Mischler maintained a slight advantage for almost the entire race, with Daniels trying out his lines and (apparently) biding his time just behind.

He finally struck with only a half-lap remaining. The two actually made contact on the back straight with Daniels then forcing his way underneath as they dove into Turn 3 for the final time. Mischler attempted to square the corner back up and take advantage of a small slip on Daniels’ part, but came up just 0.090 seconds short at the flag.

Daniels said, “I wasn’t holding back, I wasn’t trying to not show him what I was doing. That was literally all I had. It was kind of making me nervous; I was pretty much tapped out and I needed a mistake from him, which is what happened. Coming off of (Turn) 2, he spun up a little bit and we got together. I took that thing off into three harder than I did all day, just hoping it would stick and it did. It’s awesome.”

Aussie Max Whale (Coondoo Cattle Co./Australian Road Services Kawasaki KX450F) won out in a similar shootout with super sophomore Brandon Kitchen (Donley Excavating/TCD Suspension Honda CRF450F) to earn the final spot on the podium.

Class legend Shayna Texter (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-F) bounced back from a disappointing outing on Friday to complete the top five.

As a result of Daniels’ seventh win of the season, the 17-year-old prodigy now leads the championship by 70 points (233-163) over Wiles and Whale, while Rush has dropped to fourth with 151 points. Should Daniels up his current win streak to six next Friday night, he’ll be crowned the 2020 AFT Singles presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys champion three races early.

AFT Production Twins

2020 Atlanta Short Track Results-Friday-Rispoli
James Rispoli won Saturday’s Production Twins race.

Saturday’s AFT Production Twins Main saw 2020 championship leader James Rispoli (Latus Motors Racing Harley-Davidson XG750R) outlast defending class champion Cory Texter (G&G Racing/Roof Systems Yamaha MT-07) in a race-long straight fight.

The two quickly separated from the field and raced side-by-side for virtually the entire six-minute plus two lap affair. Rispoli ran the high line while Texter controlled the low line, and rarely did either rider demonstrate a clear advantage in their battle.

Rispoli turned it on late, sliding just out in front as the clock showed 0:00, and that’s where he’d remain to the checkered flag.

The victory placed Rispoli right back up on top of the box just one day after Texter brought his five-race win streak to a conclusion.

Afterward, a typically enthusiastic Rispoli said, “Cory has been riding out of his shoes this weekend — just so well. I don’t know how you can’t love that racing, me and Cory just going back and forth the entire race. He committed to the low and I committed to the high every lap. He’d just give me a skosh of space. At the end of the day, we got just a little bit of breathing room and I hit the low line and brought it home.”

Once Ryan Varnes (RVR/RoyBuilt Don’s Kawasaki Ninja 650 dropped from third due to a mechanical, Chad Cose (Wally Brown Racing Harley-Davidson XG750R) assumed the position and spent the remainder of the race with his head down in pursuit of the Rispoli-Texter duel.

Clawing his way back from approximately two seconds back, Cose arrived right on their rear wheels just in time to see the two cross the stripe a few tenths ahead of him.

Danny Eslick (Scott Powersports/R&D Machine Kawasaki Ninja 650) won out in a multi-rider scrap for fourth, taking the checkered flag just ahead of Michael Inderbitzin (Weirbach Racing/Rekluse Kawasaki Ninja 650) and Ben Lowe (Roof Systems of Dallas/Bruce Lowe Excavating Yamaha MT-07).

Rispoli now leads by 48 points (269-221). That means if he gains just two more points on Texter next weekend, he’ll accomplish his stated goal of locking up the class championship ahead of the Daytona finale.

2020 American Flat Track Championship

Round 12

Dixie Speedway

Woodstock, Georgia

(RESULTS) October 3, 2020


AFT SuperTwins Main

1. Jared Mees (Ind) 35 Laps
2. Brandon Price (Ind) 0.339
3. Briar Bauman (Ind) 2.774
4. Sammy Halbert (Ind) 3.727
5. Brandon Robinson (Ind) 4.473
6. Jarod Vanderkooi (H-D) 6.775
7. Jeffrey Carver (Ind) 8.564
8. Robert Pearson (Ind) 9.390
9. Bryan Smith (H-D) 10.186
10. Bronson Bauman (Ind) 10.271

AFT Singles Main

1. Dallas Daniels (Yam) 21 Laps
2. Morgen Mischler (KTM) 0.090
3. Max Whale (Kaw) 1.962
4. Brandon Kitchen (KTM) 1.990
5. Shayna Texter (KTM) 4.177
6. Chad Cose (Suz) 4.656
7. Trent Lowe (Hon) 5.065
8. Trevor Brunner (Hon) 6.012
9. Aidan RoosEvans (KTM) 6.229
10. Cole Zabala (Hon) 7.111

AFT Production Twins Main

1. James Rispoli (H-D) 21 Laps
2. Cory Texter (Yam) 0.412
3. Chad Cose (H-D) 0.612
4. Danny Eslick (Kaw) 4.803
5. Michael Inderbitzin (Kaw) 5.001
6. Ben Lowe (Yam) 5.789
7. Patrick Buchanan (Kaw) 6.958
8. Jeremiah Duffy (Kaw) 11.945
9. Cody Joncox (Yam) 13.153
10. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw) 13.734

SuperTwins Point Standings (After 12 of 16 rounds)

1. Briar Bauman (Ind) 256/6 wins
2. Jared Mees (Ind) 244/5 wins
3. Sammy Halbert (Ind) 193/1 win
4. Bronson Bauman (Ind) 153
5. Brandon Price (Ind) 148
6. Brandon Robinson (Ind) 143
7. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind) 131
8. Davis Fisher (Ind) 119
9. Jarod Vanderkooi (H-D) 108
10. Bryan Smith (H-D) 94


Atlanta Short Track 1


2020 Atlanta Short Track Results-Friday-Mees-action
Mees now has five wins in the 2020 championship; Briar Bauman has six.

Jared Mees (Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) stood triumphant at the conclusion of an absolutely stunning Yamaha Atlanta Short Track presented by Law Tigers I Friday night at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia.

The thrilling AFT SuperTwins presented by Vance & Hines Main Event got off to an appropriately hot start with Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Happy Trails Racing FTR750) somehow storming into the lead from the second row. Carver’s turn at the front lasted just over a lap before he relinquished the position to Sammy Halbert (Coolbeth-Nila Racing Indian FTR750).

After a few hectic laps, Halbert was joined at the front by Mees, and the two promptly teased a repeat of their epic 2017 shootout at the venue. At one point, Halbert’s line pushed Mees up into the hay bales as they traded haymakers for first and set the stage for more fireworks to come.

However, before the two could reserve the spotlight for themselves exclusively, reigning champion Briar Bauman (Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) inched his way up to join the party in third.

With seven minutes remaining, Mees sailed past Halbert to grab the lead, only to see Bauman dive under them both in the very next corner. Bauman then threatened to clear off for a fifth consecutive race as Mees and Halbert continued their melee for second.

With five minutes to go, Mees finally shook free of Halbert and chased his championship rival back down at the front. The two then engaged in a bar-to-bar war for the win, crossing lines and pulling off slidejobs with abandon.

The race came down to the final corner; Mees held on to the high line while Bauman attempted to square him up at the line. Mees won out by 0.308 seconds to snap Bauman’s four-race win streak.

After reeling in his 52nd career premier-class victory, Mees said, “I had to settle in. Guys were criss-crossing each other; Briar crossed right in front of me like the third lap in and, man, I almost went down right then and there. But it was good — this track is so criss-crossy and dicey. I caught him and almost got around him and then made a big mistake. It took me a while to get my rhythm back, and I found something in a couple corners where I could roll really smooth and good.

“I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I finally felt good. I felt relaxed coming into today. I was so off my game the last few races, so I just want to keep it rolling more than anything.”Even after losing touch with the leaders, Halbert remained in fight mode, attempting to defend third from up-and-comers Brandon Price (Roof Systems of Dallas, Texas Indian FTR750) and Bronson Bauman (Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750).

In the end, the younger Bauman handed the Indian Wrecking Crew its first podium sweep of the season, finishing in third by 0.193 seconds over Halbert. Price rounded out the top five another second back.

Mees’ timely victory reignites a title fight that was starting to get away from him. The five points he gained moves him back to within one-race striking distance, reducing Bauman’s lead to 20 (239-219) with five races left to decide the 2020 GNC.

AFT Singles

The rolling Dallas Daniels (Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) racked up his fourth consecutive AFT Singles presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys victory following an extremely entertaining duel with polesitter Morgen Mischler (Roof Systems DFW/Duffy Fleet Services KTM 450 SX-F).

Mischler ripped into the lead at the green light with only Daniels able to match his pace. Early in their showdown, Mischler took to his preferred high line, while Daniels went low, and the two practically rode side-by-side for several laps.

Their battle escalated from there, with several more laps of high-low maneuvers that saw them trade the lead back and forth repeatedly.

The third and final stage of their showdown saw Daniels at last grasp control. Mischler sought out a variety of lines in hopes of tracking Daniels back down but came up 0.482 short at the checkered flag.

“We were just on,” Daniels said after scooping his sixth win on the season. “We were searching all day; it’s a track I’ve never been to and I had to learn it, but that just shows how good the team is… It was a good race. Honestly, it was kinda good to get off behind Morgen and watch what he was doing.

“Six wins on the season, four in a row… It’s awesome. We’re getting closer to the championship. It’s definitely not going to be easy. These guys make it tough, but I like the challenge, and I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Second-ranked Henry Wiles (RMR Honda/Honda Talon CRF450R) ran alone in third deep into the Main. However, he saw even more (increasingly crucial) points slip away when eventual third-place finisher Brandon Kitchen (Donley Excavating/TCD Suspension Honda CRF450F) overhauled him with a minute remaining, and fourth-place finisher Trent Lowe (Roof Systems of Dallas, TX/Shoei Helmets Honda CRF450R) did the same on the race’s final lap.

As a result, Daniels now leads by a mammoth 45-point margin over Wiles (208-163). Daniels’ teammate, Mikey Rush (Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F), who finished 12th despite starting from Row 1, remains ranked third with 148 points.

AFT Production Twins

Cory Texter won Friday’s Production Twins but still trails points leader James Rispoli in the championship.

At long last, defending AFT Production Twins champion Cory Texter (G&G Racing/Roof Systems Yamaha MT-07) brought the win streak of runaway title leader James Rispoli (Latus Motors Racing Harley-Davidson XG750R) to a halt at five.

Texter, who hadn’t won a race since the season’s opening weekend and had subsequently finished as runner-up to Rispoli on four occasions, was justifiably starving to return to the top of the box. It showed. Brilliant from the start, Texter accelerated into the lead from pole and pulled several bike lengths on the opening lap.

Once a second free out front, he switched his focus to simply maintaining that advantage. On rails and incredibly precise, Texter appeared comfortable weathering a late-race charge from Rispoli when a monkey wrench was thrown into his plans of cruising to a relatively easy victory.

Despite the potential setback of a late-race red flag, Texter simply powered off the line (again) and stretched out a one-second-plus advantage (again) to claim the checkered flag.

“I didn’t like to see that red flag,” Texter admitted. “I was trying to maintain that gap. Before that restart, they told me James was catching me, and I was like, ‘I’m not giving this up easy tonight.’ I wanted it so bad.

“This is awesome. This feels like my first win. I worked so hard in the offseason to defend this #1 plate, and it’s been tough this year. So to come out here and get a win feels really good. I want more.”

Rispoli, meanwhile, continued his march to the 2020 crown with his tenth top-two finish in eleven starts. While Texter ate five points into his lead, #43 still leads by 43 points (244-241) with just five races remaining.

Ryan Varnes (RVR/RoyBuilt Don’s Kawasaki Ninja 650) and Ben Lowe (Roof Systems of Dallas/Bruce Lowe Excavating Yamaha MT-07) finished third and fourth after running locked in that order for the entire affair.

Danny Eslick (Scott Powersports/R&D Machine Kawasaki Ninja 650) rounded out the top five. CN

2020 American Flat Track Championship

Round 11

Dixie Speedway

Woodstock, Georgia

(RESULTS) October 2, 2020


AFT SuperTwins Main

1. Jared Mees (Ind) 34 Laps
2. Briar Bauman (Ind) 0.308
3. Bronson Bauman (Ind) 5.141
4. Sammy Halbert (Ind) 5.334
5. Brandon Price (Ind) 6.357
6. Jake Johnson (Ind) 8.663
7. Brandon Robinson (Ind) 9.772
8. Robert Pearson (Ind) 9.875
9. Jarod Vanderkooi (H-D) 9.931
10. Davis Fisher (Ind) 10.346

AFT Singles Main

1. Dallas Daniels (Yam) 21 Laps
2. Morgen Mischler (KTM) 0.482
3. Brandon Kitchen (KTM) 3.679
4. Trent Lowe (Hon) 4.705
5. Henry Wiles (Hon) 4.966
6. Max Whale (Kaw) 5.717
7. Tanner Dean (Hon) 5.876
8. James Ott (KTM) 6.060
9. Kevin Stollings (Hon) 6.454
10. Michael Inderbitzin (Hon) 6.464

AFT Production Twins Main

1. Cory Texter (Yam) 21 Laps
2. James Rispoli (H-D) 1.571
3. Ryan Varnes (Kaw) 2.343
4. Ben Lowe (Yam) 3.482
5. Danny Eslick (Kaw) 4.035
6. Chad Cose (H-D) 4.767
7. Cody Joncox (Yam) 4.781
8. Mitch Harvat (Kaw) 5.800
9. Michael Inderbitzin (Kaw) 6.193
10. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw) 6.922

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