Atlas Air Neck Brace Review

Cycle News Staff | September 1, 2020

The Atlas Air Neck brace first entered the market in 2012 and was designed to address the comfort issues that many riders faced with the first-generation neck braces. It is designed to be light and small in overall size. It’s made out of extremely durable and impact-resistant polymer. Polymer is flexible to “slow down violent impacts in an effort to spread out and reduce impact forces, rather than coming to an abrupt stop,” says Atlas.

Atlas Air Neck Brace
For some, neck braces restrict mobility and are cumbersome. The Atlas Air Neck Brace takes aim at these issues. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and have plenty of adjustability.

The Atlas Air Neck brace also features a Split-Flex Frame design for comfort and mobility, and like all Atlas neck braces, does not sit on your spine or sternum but instead on your bigger muscle groups of the body to dissipate forces more efficiently.

Atlas claims the Air Neck Braces actually contacts the body 27% more than other neck braces which it says is beneficial in that this helps better spread out impact forces.

The Air Brace is designed for easy entry, is fully adjustable and comes with a hybrid strap.

Atlas Air Neck Brace Lowdown

List Price: $299.99

Standout Feature: Nonrestrictive neck brace

wheelie-up Comfortable fit with a lot of adjustability.
wheelie-up Lightweight and easy to put on or remove.
wheelie-up The real-world accident data shows that a neck brace can reduce serious injuries.
endo-down If you wear a chest protector, you will likely need to modify it to fit with this or any neck brace.


Rider wearing the Atlas Air Neck Brace
Comfort and lightweight are highlights of the Atlas Air Nick Brace.

Atlas Air Neck Brace Rider Analysis

The lightweight and flexible Atlas Air brace is easy to put on or remove via a single front button. It also comes with a simple x-strap that can be worn over or under the jersey and clips to the outer edges to keep it in place. The lightweight and flexible design makes the Atlas brace barely noticeable when riding.

The rear supports have a lot of adjustability to get the perfect fit for each body type. Speaking of fit, the Atlas Air comes in three sizes and there are also Prodigy (for teens) and Tyke (for smaller kids) options to fit just about anybody. Finally, the Atlas Air also comes with optional taller shoulder pads for people with a longer neck or to compensate for some shorter helmet designs. We found the standard pads to provide the right fit for most people.

Back of Atlas Air Neck Brace
Large contact points distribute loads over a large area.

If you are one of those people that tried some of the early neck braces and could not get comfortable or found the fit too restrictive, the Atlas Air will likely solve that issue. And if you can wear a piece of equipment that can reduce the chance of serious cervical spine injuries without any comfort issues, then it seems like an easy decision to wear one. The only negative issue we had was that it may require modifying your chest protector to properly fit together. Many chest protectors that were designed for neck-brace usage still do not have a large enough opening for the wider contact points on the Atlas neck brace. Atlas also offers their own chest protectors that are designed to work with the Air brace.CN

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