2020 Loretta Lynn's 2 Pro Motocross Results

Cycle News Staff | August 22, 2020

2020 Loretta Lynn’s 2 Pro Motocross Results: A quick scan of the moto results and you can quickly decipher that round two of the 2020 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch was a mudder. And, indeed, it was. Brief, but hard, rain just prior to both 250MX motos left the track a muddy mess for both classes and, as a result, consistency would be the key for success on this day. But consistency was hard to come by. In the 450MX class, Zach Osborne used a lopsided 5-1 to claim his second overall victory in a row, while a 3-5 gave Adam Cianciarulo second overall and an 8-2 third overall for Marvin Musquin.

2020 Loretta Lynn's 2 Pro Motocross Results
Marvin Musquin, winner Zach Osborne and Adam Cianciarulo celebrate on the 450MX podium. Photos: Rob Koy

In the 250MX class, consistency did pay off for Jeremy Martin. A 3-2 resulted in the overall win for the Geico Honda team rider, while a 2-4 gave last week’s winner Dylan Ferrandis second.

Another lopsided tally got Alex Martin on the podium. After placing seventh in the first moto, “A-Mart” gave Suzuki something to smile about after winning the second moto. The JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing rider got out in front early in the second moto and never let go for third overall (7-1).

Justin Barcia dominated the first 450MX moto. The Monster Energy Yamaha rider grabbed the holeshot and pulled away from the field, much like Jason Anderson did last week in the first moto. Unfortunately for Barcia, he could not find the magic again after getting off to a promising start in fourth but falling on the second lap and dropping back to 20th. He would later retire to the pits with a mechanical, a common happening on this day in the brutal mud.

Suzuki had another reason to get excited when one of its support team’s riders, Max Anstie (HEP Motorsports), got around Marvin Musquin just after the first turn and led much of the second moto after finishing 15th in the first moto. The Brit, who is no stranger to the mud, looked strong and appeared to be heading for a moto win until falling victim to a charging Osborne and a lapper, who momentarily blocked Antie’s line allowing Osborne to pass the Suzuki rider toward the end of the moto.

2020 Loretta Lynn's 2 Pro Motocross Results
It was a wet one.

Musquin, who was on a late-race charge, also got by Anstie and was putting pressure on Osborne when the checkered flag waved.

Cianciarulo was happy to get second overall with solid 3-5 rides. At one point in the second moto, he was in contention for the overall but that went sideways when Osborne got around Anstie. Cianciarulo said before the race that he was tired of crashing and his goal was to keep it on two wheels and be consistent. Mission accomplished.

Brock Tickle, who is filling in on the season for Aaron Plessinger on the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Team, took second in the first moto and a ninth in the second moto for fourth overall.

Anstie was fifth overall with his 15-3.

You might be wondering what happened to the defending champ, Eli Tomac. The Monster Energy Kawasaki had a miserable day. Bad starts (which included a second moto first-turn get-off) resulted in two DNFs. Tomac had to ride his bike too hard in the mud to get to the front, and the engine just couldn’t take it. The first DNF wasn’t too bad, though. He had lapped so many riders that when his bike overheated and quit on the last lap while running fifth, he was credited with ninth. The second moto he was eighth when his bike came to a stop three laps from the end. This time, he was credited with 24th, which meant no points for that moto.

Tomac now has a lot of work to do to keep the number-one plate in the short nine-round championship, two of those already run. Tomac trails championship lead Osborne by 40 points in seventh.

Musquin is second in the championship, 19 points behind Osborne. And Barcia is third, 10 points behind Musquin.

2020 Loretta Lynn's 2 Pro Motocross Results
Jeremy Martin took the overall win in the MX2 class. Photos: Rob Koy

In the 250MX class, last week’s winner Ferrandis rode well but struggled a bit with his starts, which was so important on this day with the mud and reduced vision. Still, Ferrandis managed to ride smart and keep his championship lead by going 2-4 on the day.

RJ Hampshire, on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna, came out swinging in the super-sloppy and wet first moto. He started off in third and was soon chasing leader Cameron McAdoo. Hampshire got around McAdoo on the fourth lap and never looked back for the next nine laps. He took the win well clear of Ferrandis, who was also far ahead of Jeremy Martin. McAdoo ended up a distant fourth, followed by Carson Mumford.

Hampshire went down on the first lap of the second moto, completing the first lap in 30th. He worked his way up to 18th for sixth overall.

Ferrandis holds a six-point lead over Jeremy Martin in the 250MX Championship. Jeremy’s older brother Alex is third another 13 points back. Hampshire is one point behind Alex Martin in fourth, and McElrath is another point back in fifth.

2020 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

Round 2

RESULTS (August 22, 2020)

450MX Overall

1. Zach Osborne (Hus) 5-1
2. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw) 3-5
3 Marvin Musquin (KTM) 8-2
4. Broc Tickle (Yam) 2-9
5. Max Anstie (Suz) 15-3
6. Christian Craig (Hon) 10-6
7. Justin Barcia (Yam) 1-32
8. Blake Baggett (KTM) 14-8
9. Jason Anderson (Hus) 27-4
10. Justin Rodbell (Kaw) 12-12


250MX Overall

1. Jeremy Martin (Hon) 3-2
2. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 2-4
3. Alex Martin (Suz) 7-1
4. Cameron McAdoo (Kaw) 4-5
5. Shane McElrath (Yam) 8-3
6. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 1-18
7. Mitchell Harrison (Kaw) 6-10
8. Stilez Robertson (Hus) 12-7
9. Lance Kobusch (KTM) 16-8
10. Carson Mumford (Hon) 5-20


450MX POINT STANDINGS (After 2 of 9 rounds)

1. Zach Osborne (Hus) 88/2 wins
2. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 69
3 Justin Barcia (Yam) 59
4. Jason Anderson (Hus) 58
5. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw) 51
6. Blake Baggett (KTM) 51
7. Eli Tomac (Kaw) 48
8. Broc Tickle (Yam) 48
9. Max Anstie (Suz) 47
10. Chase Sexton (Hon) 44


250MX POINT STANDSING (After 2 of 9 rounds)

1. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 90/1 win
2. Jeremy Martin (Hon) 84/1 win
3. Alex Martin (Suz) 71
4. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 70
5. Shane McElrath (Yam) 69
6. Cameron McAdoo (Kaw) 61
7. Justin Cooper (Yam) 40
8. Mitchell Harrison (Kaw) 38
9. Carson Mumford (Hon) 32
10. Mason Gonzales (Yam) 32


Like last week, rain saturated the area on Friday, leaving the track a muddy mess. But, this time, the track itself is holding up much better having not been graded so deeply this time. Qualifying was reduced to one session with no qualifying moto. Lap times are still similar to last week’s, however.

2020 Loretta Lynn's 2 Pro Motocross Results
Marvin Musquin is the top 450MX qualifier. Photos: Rob Koy

Marvin Musquin is the top 450MX qualifier. The Red Bull KTM riders is an excellent mud rider and it showed this morning. He edged out Adam Cianciarulo for the top spot, followed by Justin Barcia (another well-know good mud rider), Benny Bloss and Joey Savatgy. Chase Sexton is sixth, followed by Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson and Christian Craig.

There was plenty of drama, however. Last week’s winner Zach Osborne nearly didn’t make it through qualifications. His bike wouldn’t start and he watched as the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team mechanics frantically worked on his bike. What appeared to be a faulty fuel pump, they replaced the fuel tank but not until the A-group session had finished. Osborne needed to complete at least one lap in qualifying in order to qualify for the afternoon program. Luckily for him, he was allowed to participate in the B-group and made it in. He officially qualified 10th.

2020 Loretta Lynn's 2 Pro Motocross Results
Dylan Ferrandis looks to be the rider to beat again in 250MX.

Dylan Ferrandis was the top 250MX qualifier. The 250MX-class winner last week nipped his Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha teammate Shane McElrath for the first gate pick. Jeremy Martin was third quickest, followed by Justin Cooper and Cameron McAdoo.

450MX Combined Qualifying

1. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 1:59.678
2. Adam Cianciarulo (Kaw) 1:59.703
3. Justin Barcia (Yam) 2:00.376
4. Benny Bloss (Hus) 2:00.695
5. Joey Savatgy (Suz) 2:00.713
6. Chase Sexton (Hon) 2:00.912
7. Eli Tomac (Kaw) 2:01.004
8. Jason Anderson (Hus) 2:01.014
9. Christian Craig (Hon) 2:01.352
10. Zach Osborne (Hus) 2:02.330

250MX Combined Qualifying

1. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 1:57.179
2. Shane McElrath (Yam) 1:57.971
3. Jeremy Martin (Hon) 1:58.491
4. Justin Cooper (Yam) 1:59.158
5. Cameron McAdoo (Kaw) 2:00.041
6. Alex Martin (Suz) 2:00.248
7. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 2:00.664
8. Hunter Lawrence (Hon) 2:01.670
9. Jett Lawrence (Hon) 2:01.901
10. Joseph Crown (Yam) 2:02.986

450MX POINT STANDINGS (After 1 of 9 rounds)

1. Zach Osborne (Hus) 47/1 win
2. Jason Anderson (Hus) 40
3 Eli Tomac (Kaw) 36
4. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 34
5. Cooper Webb (KTM) 34
6. Blake Baggett (KTM) 31
7. Cooper Webb (KTM) 29
8. Chase Sexton (Hon) 28
9. Joey Savatgy (Suz) 22
10. Dean Wilson (Hus) 21

250MX POINT STANDINGS (After 1 of 9 rounds)

1. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 50/1 win
2. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 42
3. Jeremy Martin (Hon) 42
4. Shane McElrath (Yam) 36
5. Alex Martin (Suz) 32
6. Jett Lawrence (Hon) 29
7. Cameron McAdoo (Kaw) 27
8. Justin Cooper (Yam) 24
9. Mason Gonzales (Yam) 22
10. Derek Drake (KTM) 16

2020 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Schedule

Round 1 August 15 Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
Round 2 August 22 Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
Round 3 August 29 Ironman Raceway Crawfordsville, Indiana
Round 4 September 4 RedBud MX Buchanan, Michigan
Round 5 September 7 RedBud MX Buchanan, Michigan
Round 6 September 19 Spring Creek MX Park Millville, Minnesota
Round 7 September 26 WW Ranch MX Park Jacksonville, Florida
Round 8 October 3 Thunder Valley MX Park Lakewood, Colorado
Round 9 October 10 Fox Raceway at Pala Pala, California

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