Travis Pastrana Planning to Build Motorsports Park in Maryland

Press Release | July 13, 2020

Action sports icon Travis Pastrana aims to build Circuit 199, a state-of-the-art racing facility, motorsports park and entertainment venue in Maryland.

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This is a press release from Circuit 199…

Baltimore, MD (July 13, 2020) – Any fan of action sports will know the name. Travis Pastrana, the 17x X Games medalist, 5x North America Rally champion, Supercross & Motocross champion, Rallycross innovator, former NASCAR competitor, and Nitro Circus co-founder has set his sights on his next venture and he’s intent on bringing it close to home.

Travis Pastrana was born in Maryland and by 4 years old was already riding motorcycles. He knew early on that motorsports were his calling; winning five Loretta Lynn National Amateur crowns beginning in 1992, as well as a handful of Canadian titles for good measure. In 1998 Travis Pastrana served notice of his versatility; the then 14-year-old secured the world freestyle motocross championship and he was only getting started. In 2001, Travis was awarded Motocross Rider of the Year at the ESPN Action Sports & Music Awards and has since accumulated 17 X Games medals, including 11 gold medals, plus five golds from the Gravity Games, and more wins at other events such as Dew Tour and Red Bull X- Fighters.

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The now 36 year old continues to compete in Rallycross for Subaru USA, but has taken a step back from pushing his own limits and is now committed to the safe progression of action sports as a whole and despite being on the road many months out of the year, Travis has always kept Maryland as his home. His “Pastranaland” complex outside of Annapolis, Maryland has served as a testing ground for new ramps and tricks, with athletes coming from around the world to push their own limits. Now, with Circuit 199 in development, Travis is spearheading the use of new technology and techniques to allow athletes to progress in their respective sports while keeping their safety paramount.

Circuit 199 is a future, state of the art racing facility, motorsports park and entertainment venue where everyone from true beginners to tier 1 athletes can pursue their passions and progress as safely as possible. Taking a lifetime of experience in racing, action sports and entertainment, the Circuit 199 team is intent on building a facility that will be world renowned for its extensive offerings.

Travis Pastrana
Travis Pastrana

Circuit 199’s facilities plan to include a next generation paved rallycross course, an action sports progression park, and a year-round bicycle, skateboard, and scooter facility.

  • The next-generation rallycross course will host technical features designed to challenge drivers and perfect their skills. This paved track will be a training ground for top drivers as well as those progressing through the ranks. It will also be a stage for multiple events a year ranging from go- kart racing, supermoto, side-by-side (SXS), flat track motorcycle racing, and spec series car races. As Circuit 199 looks ahead, it has plans to lead the way in electric racing by encouraging racers and structuring events to assist in expediting the shift to electric technology in racing.
  • The Progression Park’s primary purpose will be to serve as a training ground where the world’s best action-sports athletes can safely progress in this new age of FMX, BMX and Skateboarding. With access to the latest safety and ramp technology, the Circuit 199 Progression Park will be a desired training base for athletes from around the globe. The park will also host one to three events a year as well as provide upcoming talent the grounds to take their skills to the next level.
  • Circuit 199’s year-round bicycle, skateboard, and scooter pump track will be designed to promote fitness for the region’s youth as well as to help them develop agility skills. The pump track will also be a source of entertainment and activity while other events and races are taking place at the circuit.
Pastrana family enjoying the pump track at their home in Annapolis, Maryland
Pastrana family enjoying the pump track at their home in Annapolis, Maryland

“Our goal is to be a positive outlet in the community.” said Travis Pastrana on Circuit 199. “We want to build a facility that promotes fitness, camaraderie, and provides entertainment as well as economic growth for our community. We want to open our doors for local charity events whenever possible and we want to give people access to top driver and rider coaches who can help coach and mentor everyone from beginners through the most elite. I want to spend time with my family, outside and active, doing what we all love, together. That’s why I chose Maryland. This is our home.”

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