Bridgestone E50 Extreme ‘Gummy’ Enduro Tire Review

Cycle News Staff | June 25, 2020

In January of 2019, Bridgestone announced its all-new Battlecross E50 lineup. Now, Bridgestone has taken the rear version of the tire to the next level by offering it in a super soft gummy compound.

Bridgestone E50 Extreme 'Gummy' Enduro Tire Review
The Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Extreme doesn’t compromise when it comes to traction, so don’t expect long life with these tires.

The Battlecross E50 Extreme is intended for providing the most traction possible in a race or trail-riding experience. The new tire incorporates the same tread designs and other technologies found in the original E50, which include widely spaced center lugs with convex Castle Block technology in both the center and side blocks, and Bunker technology below the blocks. The Castle Blocks provide additional biting surface to the tops of each lug, while the Bunkers are small indentations in between the center blocks that aid with traction when the tire is buried in soft terrain. The E50 Extreme has an MSRP of $165.70 and is currently only available in a 140/80-18 fitting. Unlike the E50, the E50 Extreme is not DOT approved.

Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Extreme Enduro Tire: The Lowdown

Stand-Out Feature: Ultra sticky enduro rear tire for exceptional traction

MSRP: $165.70

wheelie-up Tremendous traction
wheelie-up Easy to mount
wheelie-up Super fun to ride
endo-down Short lifespan


Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Extreme Enduro Tire: Rider Analysis:

As with any new dirt bike tire, mounting and balancing are always the first steps, and thankfully the engineers at Bridgestone designed the sidewalls of the E50 lineup with the customer in mind and incorporated a special sidewall compound that makes mounting them super easy compared to other tires on the market.

Bridgestone E50 Extreme 'Gummy' Enduro Tire Review
The Bridgestone gummy enduro tire delivers when it comes to providing amazing traction when you absolutely need it, as promised. However, they’re not cheap, but how badly do you want to win?

We rode the Battlecross E50 Extreme on forest service roads, on a loamy GP-style MX track, and on tight technical trails. We did this because even though Bridgestone is marketing this tire as a hard enduro race tire, they also think that there’s a market in other segments for riders who are willing to spend the money for a tire that sticks like glue even if it only lasts for a few rides. And, while some people will scoff at a $160 tire that’s gone before the check clears, others will find opportunities to take advantage of the added grip for special occasions where the reward is worth the cost. And the reward is certainly there. This tire grabs the ground and spits it out like no other. Whether on rocks, where gummies are known to thrive, or on steep climbs with slick tree roots, the E50 Extreme offers tremendous traction capability and inspires confidence when the trail gets tricky. Obstacles that would otherwise present a huge challenge become far less concerning.

Overall, we were impressed by this super tacky rear gummy, and we do think that trail riders looking for some added fun—or who want to show up their riding buddies—will pop for this tire on occasion, and those looking for an advantage in a race situation will certainly want to give the Bridgestone E50 Extreme a try.CN ~Keith Dowdle

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