2020 MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results

Press Release | June 28, 2020

Sunday MotoAmerica Superbike Race Two

M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Bobby Fong won the first HONOS Superbike race of his career today, the Californian taking full advantage of Cameron Beaubier’s only miscue of the young season to become the 59th rider in history to win an AMA Superbike National.

Fong was in second, a few seconds adrift of Beaubier, when the previously unbeaten Beaubier hit a bump in turn one, lost the front end and crashed. Fong took over at the front but soon had Beaubier’s Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha’s teammate Jake Gagne nipping at his heels. For whichever one of those two who won, it would be a career first, and both of them rode like it. Fong, however, was able to withstand the pressure in the closing laps and led Gagne across the finish line by .509 of a second.

Sunday MotoAmerica Superbike Race Two
Fong came through for a career first Superbike win ahead of Gagne.

“I saw Cameron (Beaubier) go down and I knew immediately that there was going to be pressure on me,” Fong said. “I knew that (Jake) Gagne had extra motivation, near a race win. I didn’t know who was behind me. I just saw plus one on my board, and then I was looking at the big screen down the straightaway to see who it was. Just depending on who it was, I knew how aggressive they were and how defensive I needed to ride. I knew it was Gagne and he rides pretty well. He takes risks, takes risks to get that win. I just tried to keep a steady pace in the middle of the race and not push too hard and at least not try to put it all out there in the middle of the race. I knew he was going to be there at the end of the race. I just put the hammer down. Thankfully we got the win, but we have some work to do to actually beat Cameron. But we’re making big steps and I’m proud of the work we did this weekend.”

Gagne finished second, as he continues his solid start to the season that was briefly interrupted by a problem with his brakes that limited him to a sixth-place finish on Saturday at Road America.

“Yeah. No doubt,” Gagne said when asked if he saw an opportunity to win an HONOS Superbike race when he saw Beaubier crash. “That’s definitely what we were thinking. It was a bummer to see Cameron go down. Obviously, he’s been pushing the pace all year long. It just shows how well these things are doing. Hats off to Bobby (Fong). He really rode his heart out. I could tell. I was seeing those tires and it was greasy out there. It was tough out there. I feel like I’m happy to bring it home in second. Obviously, we know we were fighting for a win, so that’s extra motivation to get it up there. It was a fun race. There were some sections, the first section and last section, where I could close in and then there was some sections in the middle where Bobby really pulled away. So, we were kind of teeter-tottering and that makes it real tough to even try to find a place to stick it in. Bobby is really strong on the brakes in some of the sections where I wanted to make passes. I’m happy. We brought it home. Like Bobby said, it was a slick, greasy race out there. So hats off to the team, Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha. These guys are working really hard. Obviously, we still got to go catch Cam when we get to Road Atlanta. See if we can do some work on him. But it’s been fun battling these guys. It was a good race.”

KATO Fastening/KWR Ducati’s Kyle Wyman waited 1022 days between podiums, ending his drought in yesterday’s HONOS Superbike race. Then he only waited a day to do it all gain, the New Yorker getting his second podium in a row after holding off the ever-persistent Mathew Scholtz on the Westby Racing Yamaha.

“It feels great,” Wyman said. “I saw Cam go down and inherited… Actually, I don’t even know if I was in third at that point. I had to pass Toni (Elias) into Canada Corner I think on lap three or so. He was really strong in the first few laps. I think our only weakness really at this point, I think the middle of the race these guys, every time they tipped into turn eight was the same time every lap from lap four to lap eight or nine, so we need to get our first laps’ pace down and try to get closer there. Mathew (Scholtz) put on a really good fight. He was plus .6 for four laps in a row, and then plus .9 for the last three laps. It was tough to just stay focused and not make any mistakes. But Ducati’s on the podium.”

Scholtz, meanwhile, had an eventful race and was in a battle with Wyman and M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Toni Elias when he clashed with Elias in the chicane, causing the luckless Spaniard to crash. Elias was able to remount to finish seventh.

Fifth place went to Scheibe BMW’s Josh Herrin, the Georgian some three seconds ahead of FLY Racing ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony, the Australian continuing his consistent start to the season. With Elias seventh, Altus Motorsports’ Cameron Petersen raced to eighth, well clear of RideHVMC’s Corey Alexander. Thrashed Bike Racing LLC’s Max Flinders rounded out the top 10.

Beaubier now leads the championship by just nine points over Gagne, 75-66, with Fong jumping up to third with 58 points, just two points ahead of Wyman’s 56. Herrin rounds out the top five in the series with 46 points.

Sunday MotoAmerica Supersport Race Two

HONOS Kawasaki rider Richie Escalante is having quite the start to his 2020 season. In Sunday’s Supersport race two, Escalante once again notched the win, which was his fourth consecutive victory. Early in the 11-lap race, M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Sean Dylan Kelly was giving Escalante all he could handle at the front of the pack, but Escalante maintained his focus and was able to pull away as the laps wound down. He took the checkers by a little less than six seconds over Kelly. Second place was very much in contention between Kelly and Celtic HSBK Racing’s Brandon Paasch. Kelly versus Paasch turned out to be the biggest skirmish of the race, and it was hotly contested, going right down to the final run up the hill to the finish line. At the stripe, Kelly prevailed over Paasch by a scant .044 of a second to take second place and Paasch filled out the podium.

Sunday MotoAmerica Supersport Race Two
Escalante once again proved the class of the Supersport field with another win.

“After finishing the two tests in the preseason and then it stopped for two months,” Escalante said. “I don’t have the feeling to this year win. Last race I am feeling very good in the bike. So, this track for this bike is good. Right now is the moment to change the track for the next race, so we’ll see. I’m really happy. The race is very fun. I take a long-time battle like this. So, it’s fun to pass on every corner. I’m really happy. The HONOS Racing Kawasaki is working really good and my team all weekend. I’m happy and ready for the next races.”

Sunday MotoAmerica Junior Cup Race Two

The final race of the weekend was Liqui Moly Junior Cup race two, and the two frontrunners from Saturday were the same on Sunday. BARTCON Racing Kawasaki’s Dominic Doyle, who was the victor in race one, had another showdown with Landers Racing Kawasaki’s Rocco Landers. Defending class champion Landers tried the same draft pass as yesterday in the run up the hill to the finish line, and he timed his move perfectly this time as he took the win over Doyle by .069 of a second. Third place went to Celtic HSBK Racing’s Sam Lochoff, the South African notching his second podium finish of the season.

Sunday MotoAmerica Junior Cup Race Two
Landers (1) finally got off the second step of the podium and into P1 with the win.

“Going into Canada Corner I missed a shift,” Rocco explained. “I caught a false neutral in-between the gears. I ended up running wide. I think I put in a new lap record there, a 39:1. But I tried to get off to a good start and tried to pull away in the beginning, but that didn’t work. I looked back the second lap and he was there. I was like, ‘I’m just going to try to lead as much as I can and see if he’s not able to.’ Obviously, that didn’t work. Changed my strategy midway through the race and decided I was going to follow him like I normally do and see what they were doing. Then I knew it was a risk because it’s failed three times this year. So I was like, ‘I don’t even care. Just do it.’ Then I just decided to leave a little bit more room going into the last corner on the last lap and tried to pull into his draft and stay as long as possible and pull out as late as possible. Got by him up the hill and just tried to pinch him off a little bit. There’s no words. I’m stoked. I’m so happy to get the first win this season, finally.”

Sunday MotoAmerica Stock 1000

In Sunday morning’s Stock 1000 morning warmup, current points leader PJ Jacobsen had a technical issue on his out-lap aboard the #99 Celtic HSBK Racing Ducati, which caused him to crash. He was unable to start the morning’s Stock 1000 race as a result, and Altus Motorsports Suzuki’s Cameron Petersen got the holeshot at the start.

Sunday MotoAmerica Stock 1000
Petersen (45) made the most of Jacobsen’s absence by taking the win.

In the early stages of the race, MESA37 Racing’s Stefano Mesa ran close with Petersen and tried to take the lead, but Petersen held on and stretched out his lead. At the checkers, Petersen took the win by over six seconds over Mesa. For Petersen, it was his first victory in the class and second-ever MotoAmerica win, which concluded a memorable week for the South African. On Thursday, Petersen also got engaged. Third place in the race went to Michael Gilbert Racing Kawasaki’s Michael Gilbert, who prevailed over Alex Dumas for the final spot on the podium.

Commenting on what could only be described as the “best week ever” for Petersen, he said with a smile, “If I knew this was going to change the game, I would have done it (gotten engaged) a long time ago. It’s been an unbelievable weekend. It started off with good vibes, obviously, with getting engaged. Then I knew coming into Road America having back-to-back weekends we were going to step it up pretty big this weekend. The race was interesting. I’m not going to lie. We’ve been having some pretty bad brake problems all weekend. Right before the race, pretty much five minutes before we went out there, the front wheel was off, and they were trying to make a plan. New brake pads, new everything. The brakes had a completely different feel just riding out on the sighting lap. Then on the warmup lap, going into turn seven I had nothing. I went to go grab the front brakes and there was nothing there. So, I was all over the rear brake. I did everything I could, and that scared me. The brakes came back to me kind of the rest of the lap. And I wanted this so bad. I was just like, ‘You know what? It’s life or death. I’m going to do everything I can.’ Thankfully the brakes held up. I didn’t have much brakes towards the end there. It was a little bit scary, but I’m doing this for myself and especially the team. They work so hard and they deserve these results. Perfect weekend. Just going to keep building on this. My thoughts are with PJ. He had an unlucky one this morning. Obviously, I want to be racing against him. Hopefully he gets better soon and he’s not too bad.”

Sunday MotoAmerica Twins Cup

The lone Twins Cup race of the weekend went green on Sunday morning, and polesitter Rocco Landers, who is new to the two-banger class this season, got a good jump off the line aboard his Roadracing World Young Guns/Sportbiketrackgear.com Suzuki. Kaleb De Keyrel, winner of the first two Twins Cup races of the year at Road America 1, challenged for the lead a couple of times during the eight-lap event, but the 1-833-CJKNOWS Accident & Injury Law Yamaha rider ultimately settled for second place, just .799 of a second behind Landers. Brittenum Construction/Hayden Schultz Racing’s Hayden Schultz, who formerly raced in the MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup spec series, finished third to record his first podium in the Twins Cup class.

Sunday MotoAmerica Twins Cup
Landers was ecstatic to take his first-ever Twins Cup win at Road America.

“The team worked so hard trying to get some more horsepower out of the bike for this round,” Landers said. “So, we came in, and we were top in every session so far. We just kept pushing, kept pushing, kept pushing. We got pole position. Then I was just trying to get as good of a start as possible and then try to lead in turn five on the first lap. So, the strategy worked out pretty all right. Then just kept pushing consistent, good laps and continued to pull away. The last lap, I saw ‘2.3,’ and I was like, ‘I’m probably all right, but I got to keep pushing.’”

2020 MotoAmerica Road America 2 Sunday Results


1. Bobby Fong (Suz) 12 laps
2. Jake Gagne (Yam) +0.509
3. Kyle Wyman (Duc) +10.348
4. Mathew Scholtz (Yam) +11.900
5. Josh Herrin (BMW) +33.958
6. David Anthony (Suz) +36.727
7. Toni Elias (Suz) +41.126
8. Cameron Petersen (Suz) +43.802
9. Corey Alexander (Kaw) +55.237
10. Max Flinders (Yam) +1:00.534

Superbike points after round two

1. Cameron Beaubier (Yam) 75/3 wins
2 Jake Gagne (Yam) 66
3. Bobby Fong (Suz) 58
4. Kyle Wyman (Duc) 56
5. Josh Herrin (BMW) 46
6. Mathew Scholtz (Yam) 44
7. David Anthony (Suz) 36
8. PJ Jacobsen (Duc) 27
9. Cameron Petersen (Suz) 24
10. Max Flinders (Yam) 23


1. Richie Escalante (Kaw) 11 laps
2. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suz) +5.918
3. Brandon Paasch (Yam) +5.962
4. Jason Aguilar (Yam) +11.206
5. Nate Minster (Yam) +18.920
6. Nolan Lamkin (Yam) +25.838
7. Benjamin Smith (Yam) +27.842
8. Lucas Silva (Suz) +43.032
9. Xavier Zayat (Yam) +46.786
10. Carl Solitsz (Yam) +51.902

Supersport points after round two

1. Richie Escalante (Kaw) 100/4 wins
2. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suz) 60
3. Brandon Paasch (Yam) 52
4. Nate Minster (Yam) 47
5. Jason Aguilar (Yam) 42
6. Lucas Silva (Suz) 36
7. Benjamin Smith (Yam) 35
8. Nolan Lamkin (Yam) 34
9. Xavier Zayat (Yam) 32
10. Carl Solitsz (Yam) 30

Junior Cup

1. Rocco Landers (Kaw) 7 laps
2. Dominic Doyle (Kaw) +0.069
3. Samuel Lochoff (Kaw) +15.905
4. Benjamin Gloddy (Kaw) +16.084
5. Gus Rodio (Kaw) +16.101
6. Joseph LiMandri Jr (Kaw) +27.621
7. Jack Roach (Kaw) +27.622
8. Liam Grant (Kaw) +27.773
9. Cody Wyman (Yam) +27.819
10. David Kohlstaedt (Kaw) +32.646

Junior Cup points after round two

1. Dominic Doyle (Kaw) 95/3 wins
2. Rocco Landers (Kaw) 85/1 win
3. Benjamin Gloddy (Kaw) 56
4. Samuel Lochoff (Kaw) 54
5. Gus Rodio (Kaw) 46
6. Cody Wyman (Yam) 38
7. Liam Grant (Kaw) 36
8. David Kohlstaedt (Kaw) 31
9. John Knowles (Kaw) 22
10. Joseph LiMandri Jr (Kaw) 17

Stock 1000

1. Cameron Petersen (Suz)
2. Stefano Mesa (Kaw) +6.147
3. Michael Gilbert (Kaw) +7.296
4. Alex Dumas (Suz) +7.840
5. Travis Wyman (BMW) +23.060
6. Corey Alexander (Kaw) +24.624
7. Danilo Lewis (BMW) +26.465
8. Ashton Yates (Hon) +32.748
9. Tony Storniolo (Kaw) +46.880
10. Hunter Dunham (Yam) +51.830

Stock 1000 points after round two

1. Cameron Petersen (Suz) 45/1 win
2. Stefano Mesa (Kaw) 33
3. Michael Gilbert (Kaw) 27
4. Corey Alexander (Kaw) 26
5. PJ Jacobsen (Duc) 25
6. Alex Dumas (Suz) 22
7. Travis Wyman (BMW) 21
8. Danilo Lewis (BMW) 16
9. Ashton Yates (Hon) 16
10. Tony Storniolo (Kaw) 12

Twins Cup

1. Rocco Landers (Suz) 8 laps
2. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yam) +0.799
3. Hayden Schultz (Yam) +22.793
4 Teagg Hobbs (Suz) +22.809
5. Cooper McDonald (Yam) +23.168
6. Tony Khamsouk (Suz) +23.364
7. Jason Madama (Yam) +35.230
8. Trevor Standish (Suz) +37.887
9. Chris Parrish (Yam) +44.798
10. Kris Lillegard (Yam) +48.087

Twins Cup points after round two

1. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yam) 70/1 win
2. Rocco Landers (Kaw) 61/1 win
3. Jason Madama (Yam) 38
4. Jackson Blackmon (Yam) 31
5. Chris Parish (Yam) 31
6. Cooper McDonald (Yam) 30
7. Toby Khamsouk (Suz) 29
8. Hayden Schultz (Yam) 26
9. Kris Lillegard (Yam) 20
10. Daniel Adams (Yam) 16

Saturday MotoAmerica Superbike Race One

2020 MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results Saturday Beaubier
Beaubier got to the front at the first corner and controlled the race with ease.

Stop rubbing your eyes, you have seen this before. Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier won his third successive race of the 2020 season on a sunny Saturday at Road America, the four-time defending MotoAmerica Superbike Champion winning his third straight race in Wisconsin as he continued his mastery of the HONOS Superbike class.

Beaubier led this one flag-to-flag, beating M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Bobby Fong by 6.325 seconds, which was less that his previous wins here three weeks ago when he won by 7.8 and 14.3 seconds, respectively. In winning today’s race, Beaubier became the all-time winningest rider at Road America with his 10th Superbike victory. It was also the 41st win of Beaubier’s Superbike career.

“To be honest, those first couple laps when I was trying to hang it out and open a gap, it wasn’t comfortable,” Beaubier said after winning in front of large crowd. “I didn’t have nearly the amount of grip up front and in the rear that we have yesterday morning and also this morning. I think the track temperature was just pretty high and it got pretty greasy out there. So, I wasn’t really able to roll the corners exactly like I wanted to. Once I saw that the gap started opening, I just tried to hit my marks and ride consistent. Hats off to both these guys. Bob (Fong) really upped the pace this morning and got me a little worried going into the race. I had obviously a pretty comfortable gap yesterday, but today wasn’t that case. We’re going to go try to improve what we can improve on our bike. Regardless, my R1 is just working so good right now. I’m really comfortable on it. Just hope to keep it going.”

The runner-up spot was Fong’s best finish of the season after his fourth and DNF from round one.

“We did a lot of homework,” Fong said. “We definitely improved the bike. The lap times didn’t show it today compared to last round, but we definitely improved the bike quite a bit. I’m okay in the first sector, the second and the middle, but I’m losing maybe four tenths, three tenths a lap just in the last sector. We’re messing with the electronics a lot. We don’t know exactly where to go with the electronics on the last sector. Just figuring it out. It’s just a puzzle. We’re putting it together piece by piece. I am working on trying to ride a little bit differently. Last round it seemed like I was charging stuff a little too hard. So, I’m backing off a little bit. Hopefully, we can find something today and bring it tomorrow.”

Third place today went KATO Fastening/KWR Ducati’s Kyle Wyman, the New Yorker in a battle for most of the race for the position. The war went to the final lap with Wyman making a pass in the chicane before Elias retaliated. Elias beat Wyman to the line, but it was determined that he’d passed under a standing yellow flag at the marshal post and was docked two seconds. That bumped Elias back to fourth, which took him off the podium but still gave him his first championship points of the season after his dismal opener in Road America 1.

“When you’ve been off the pace for a while you go into the race wondering if you have the pace,” Wyman said. “What are you going to have? So, I just got as good a start as I could. I was second. I was alongside Cameron (Beaubier) going into turn one. I was just so upset with myself last month, not being able to tag onto the front guys right away, not even for two or three laps. I was really determined to get the thing up there. It turns out I got into a really, really long, long battle with Toni (Elias). I just kind followed him and figured out where he was stronger or weaker. I could make a lunge into the chicane if I stayed close enough to him through the carousel, so that’s what I set up. Honestly, that’s what got me to the podium even though he passed me back. If I wasn’t able to make that move, there would have been no passes probably at all, because I wasn’t strong enough to get into Canada Corner. So to get in there in front of him, to get out of the chicane is what got us here. He rode awesome. I’m happy me just being up here. It’s a long road, but we’re back to the podium after three years.”

Westby Racing’s Mathew Scholtz finished fifth, the South African getting a bad start and never really recovering. Beaubier’s teammate Jake Gagne was next, the Californian battling for third early on before having a mechanical issue that forced him to slow and then recover for sixth.

Scheibe Racing BMWs’ Josh Herrin was seventh with FLY Racing ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony barely besting Celtic HSBK Racing’s PJ Jacobsen for eighth. Altus Motorsports’ Cameron Petersen rounded out the top 10 on his Suzuki GSX-R1000.

After three races, Beaubier leads the title chase with a perfect 75 points. Gagne retains second with 46 points, six more than Wyman’s 40 points. Herrin is fourth with 35 points with Fong moving to fifth with 33 points.

Saturday MotoAmerica Junior Cup Race One

In Saturday’s Liqui Moly Junior Cup race, South African Doyle started from the pole aboard his BARTCON Racing Kawasaki, while defending class champion Rocco Landers slotted in behind Doyle. Landers, aboard the Landers Racing Kawasaki, was in hot pursuit of Doyle throughout the entirety of the seven-lap race. While Doyle maintained his ultra-narrow gap at the front, Landers stalked and planned his move. It all came down to the final run up the hill to the checkers on the final lap. Landers pulled out of the draft, and made his move on Doyle, but he wasn’t able to nip Doyle at the line.

2020 MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results Saturday Doyle
Doyle (25) once again just got the better of Landers (pic from round one).

The margin of victory was .006 of a second for Doyle. A little further back, Quarterley Racing/On Track Development’s Ben Gloddy rode a quiet race, but the New Hampshirite did what he needed to in order to secure third place on the day.

When asked about Landers’ strategy to draft past him to the finish line, Doyle said, “I could feel him coming by, and I definitely thought he had me. I kept it pinned all the way to the line. I kept the lead, somehow. I’m just happy I could hang on for the win.”

Saturday MotoAmerica Supersport Race One

The final race on Saturday was the Supersport class, and the 11-lap event was red-flagged when Altus Motorsports rider Kevin Olmedo crashed out of the race on the opening lap. After the nine-lap restart, polesitter Sean Dylan Kelly repeated his holeshot from the first start on his M4 ECSTAR Suzuki and took the lead again. HONOS Kawasaki rider Escalante was in second place and went to work figuring out a way to pass Kelly for the race lead. In a classic display of patience and racecraft, Escalante was able to get around Kelly and move into the lead where he steadily built his margin and took the checkered flag by 3.676 seconds over Kelly in second. Third place went to Celtic HSBK Racing Yamaha rider Brandon Paasch.

2020 MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results Saturday Escalante
Escalante pulled clear for his third win of the season.

Escalante, who is three for three in Supersport race wins so far this season said, “After Road America 1, I tried to take the decision to try different things on the bike. Some working, some not. So, I’m working with a completely different bike all weekend. I need to adapt to race again my riding style to this setting. I’m happy. For sure, the ZX-6R is a really good bike, but I have big moments, two or three during the race. But I’m really happy. I think these guys for sure are coming. So, I need to improve a little bit, especially to exit. Really happy. The HONOS Racing Kawasaki working really good in the bike, my crew. I’m really happy.”

2020 MotoAmerica Road America 2 Saturday Results


1. Cameron Beaubier (Yam) 12 laps
2. Bobby Fong (Suz) +6.325
3. Kyle Wyman (Duc) +9.780
4. Toni Elias (Suz) +11.668
5. Matthew Scholtz (Yam) +19.759
6. Jake Gagne (Yam) +21.290
7. Josh Herrin (BMW) +22.588
8. David Anthony (Suz) +37.096
9. PJ Jacobsen (Duc) +39.773
10. Cameron Petersen (Suz) +43.926


1. Richie Escalante (Kaw) 9 laps
2. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suz) +3.676
3. Brandon Paasch (Yam) +5.994
4. Jason Aguilar (Yam) +15.883
5. Benjamin Smith (Yam) +22.603
6. Nate Minster (Yam) +22.612
7. Lucas Silva (Suz) +31.070
8. Nolan Lamkin (Yam) +31.565
9. Carl Soltisz (Yam) +32.893
10. Xavier Zayat (Yam) +44.214

Junior Cup

1. Dominic Doyle (Kaw) 7 laps
2. Rocco Landers (Kaw) +0.006
3. Benjamin Gloddy (Kaw) +11.460
4. Gus Rodio (Kaw) +13.572
5. Samuel Lochoff (Kaw) +14.335
6. David Kohlstaedt (Kaw) +15.708
7. Cody Wyman (Yam) +32.077
8. Liam Grant (Kaw) +32.168
9. Joseph LiMandri Jr (Kaw) +32.201
10. Isaiah Burleson (Kaw) +32.272


Cameron Beaubier picked up right where he left off at the end of May, the Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha rider ending Friday as the fastest of the HONOS Superbike class as round two of MotoAmerica 2020 at Road America kicked off today.

Beaubier was dominant in round one at the end of May, easily winning both HONOS Superbike races after earning pole position and establishing a new track record. And it didn’t take long for Beaubier to re-establish his domination, the four-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion breaking his lap record from round one in the opening session of Road America 2 when he lapped at 2:10.926.

MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results Beaubier Friday
Beaubier was a stunning 2.49 seconds clear at the front after Friday. The MotoAmerica Superbike field has a lot of work to do.

With the second afternoon session wet, Beaubier didn’t even take to the track with his record-setting lap coming on his last lap in the first session.

M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Bobby Fong ended up second fastest with his 2:13.416 – 2.49 seconds off Beaubier’s best and just ahead of Beaubier’s teammate Jake Gagne, the YZF-R1 rider turning a 2:13.475. Westby Racing’s Mathew Scholtz was fourth fastest and the last man in the 2:13s with Fong’s teammate Toni Elias ending up fifth.

Supersport qualifying was led by the rider who dominated both races in Road America 1 – HONOS Racing’s Richie Escalante. The Mexico City resident put in a best of 2:19.332 in Q1 to lead M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Sean Dylan Kelly, the Floridian .950 of a second off Escalante’s pace. Celtic HSBK’s Brandon Paasch was third fastest with a 2:21.028.

MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results Escalante Friday
Richie Escalante continued his impressive early-season form by topping Friday in Supersport.

Dominic Doyle is out to show that his double win in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup races at the end of May in Road America 1 were no fluke, besting the first qualifying session today at Road America. Doyle and his BARTCON Racing Kawasaki led Landers Racing’s Rocco Landers by .560 of a second and third-placed Benjamin Gloddy by 2.9 seconds with his 2:39.989 lap.

With the second session wet, the fastest Stock 1000 times came in the first session with Celtic HSBK Racing’s PJ Jacobsen, the man who won the class at Road America 1, ending up on top with his best lap of 2:15.279 – .900 of a second faster than Altus Motorsports’ Cameron Petersen. Michael Gilbert Racing’s Michael Gilbert was third fastest, 1.6 seconds behind Jacobsen.

MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results Doyle
Dominic Doyle again proved the class of the Junior Cup field at Road America.

Landers was fastest in the opening dry session of the Twins Cup class with the afternoon session’s track conditions less than ideal. Landers lapped at 2:30.265 to best Road America 1 double winner Kaleb De Keyrel. Cooper McDonald was third fastest in the opening session.

MotoAmerica Road America 2 Results—Friday

1.         Cameron Beaubier      Yam     2:10.926
2.         Bobby Fong     Suz      2:13.416
3.         Jake Gagne     Yam     2:13.475


Supersport Q1
1.         Richie Escalante         Kaw     2:19.332
2.         Sean Dylan Kelly         Suz      2:20.282
3.         Brandon Paasch          Yam     2:21.028


Liqui Moly Junior Cup Q1
1.         Dominic Doyle Kaw     2:39.989
2.         Rocco Landers Kaw     2:40.549
3.         Benjamin Gloddy        Kaw     2:42.918


Stock 1000
1.         PJ Jacobsen     Duc      2:15.279
2.         Cameron Petersen      Suz      2:16.179
3.         Michael Gilbert           Kaw     2:16.918


Twins Cup
1.         Chris Parrish    Yam     2:31.700
2.         Jason Madama           Yam     2:32.248
3.         Cooper McDonald       Yam     2:32.671

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