Tentative MX and GNCC Race Dates Announced

Press Release | April 6, 2020

Representatives from the AMA, MX Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing Announce Tentative Race Dates

The Race Leadership Team (RLT) issued a competition bulletin regarding upcoming dates for 2020 Loretta Lynn, GNCC, ATVMX and Pro Motocross. The RLT consists of representatives from the AMA, MX Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing.

Grand National Cross Country Series Announces 2020 Schedule

RLT Competition Bulletin 2020-3: Tentative Race Dates Reserved

Per prior RLT Competition Bulletin 2020-2, all motorsports events scheduled thru the weekend of April 25/26 for the Loretta Lynn, GNCC, ATVMX and Pro Motocross programs were postponed.

No further postponements are announced at this time. However, the affected race schedules remain dynamic and fluid and are subject to change. Transparency in the rescheduling process is important to our race community. Accordingly, the current status of each race schedule follows:

Pro Motocross:

In the event it is necessary to postpone the Pro Motocross schedule further, it will not be postponed past September 12, 2020. Although no Pro Motocross event is scheduled for that date at this time, the series reserves the option to use this date if necessary, but in no event will the series extend beyond this date.

Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross:

The Area Qualifier and Regional race schedules are complicated and have been drastically altered by the national crisis. MX Sports and AMA have developed several scenarios to reschedule the program and will issue a video announcement explaining the various options. Although no decision has been made at this time, it is important that the race community be made aware of the decision-making process.


The next scheduled GNCC event is set for May 2/3 in Somerset, PA. Although it is highly unlikely that this event will proceed as scheduled, it has not been postponed at this time. In addition, the Gladiator scheduled for May 16/17 in Bowling Green, KY, has been canceled by the property owner due to COVID-19 concerns. It is possible that a GNCC will be held on that date but at a different location TBA. A decision on both dates (May 2/3 and 16/17) will be made at a later time.

As a result of previous postponements, GNCC events will be held on July 11/12 and November 7/8. In addition, GNCC is working with the Full Gas Sprint Enduro to determine if their event previously scheduled for June 13/14 at Harleywood in Bristol, VA, can be moved to July 4/5, allowing GNCC to hold an event on June 13/14 at a location TBA. These dates were not part of the original GNCC race schedule. Accordingly, the tentative dates for the remainder of the GNCC schedule are below:

May 2-3 Somerset, PA
May 16-17 Tentative
May 30-31 John Penton, OH
June 13-14 Tentative
June 27-28 Snowshoe, WV
July 11-12 Tentative
July 31 Loretta Lynn eMTB only
Sept 12-13 Mountaineer, WV
Sept 26-27 Tomahawk, NY
Oct 10-11 Mathews Farm, PA
Oct 24-25 Ironman, IN
Nov 7-8 Tentative

Although 11 dates are listed above, no more than 10 events will be held, and a final schedule will be issued as soon as it is feasible to do so. The purpose of reserving these dates now is to allow the GNCC race community to plan accordingly.


The South of the Border race set for April 25/26 in Hamer, SC, has been rescheduled. Until further notice, the remainder of the current schedule follows:

May 23-24 Ironman, IN
June 6-7 Muddy Creek, TN
June 20-21 Walnut, IL
July 11-12 Unadilla, NY
July 25-26 RedBud, MI
Aug 15-16 Loretta Lynn’s, TN
Aug 28 Pro Only – Ironman, IN
Sept 19-20 Underground, TX
Oct 17-18 SOB, SC

About the Race Leadership Team:

The RLT consists of representatives from the AMA, MX Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing. The RLT will reconvene next Monday to review the race schedules, making adjustments as needed, and will work with event organizers to reschedule events when possible.

The RLT continues to urge racing families to use common sense: 1) wash your hands often; 2) avoid shaking hands or coming into close personal contact with others; 3) cough into your elbow; 4) if you are sick, stay home; 5) if you are really sick, go to the hospital; and 6) don’t panic.

The health, safety and welfare of our riders and their families remains paramount, and we will keep our race community apprised of all further developments.

Please direct all communications to info@mxsports.com.


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