2020 Tampa Supercross Results

Steve Cox | February 15, 2020

At round seven of the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, in Tampa, Florida, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac had a big night, winning his third main event of the year (and 30th of his career, extending a record he’d rather relinquish) and taking over the championship points lead from Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen. And in the 250SX East opener, Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Shane McElrath proved he made the right move switching to the Yamaha team from the TLD/Red Bull KTM team he’d been on for years.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Eli Tomac took his third win of 2020, and the 30th of his career, at the Tampa Supercross. PHOTO: ROB KOY

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo got out to the early lead in the Tampa 450cc main event and quickly began to put time on the field, led by Smartop/Motoconcepts/Bullfrog Spas’ Vince Friese. Friese had Cianciarulo’s teammate Tomac on his heels, followed by Friese’s teammate Malcolm Stewart, Red Bull KTM’s defending series champ Cooper Webb, Friese’s other teammate Justin Hill, Roczen, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Dean Wilson, Monster Energy Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger, JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing’s Broc Tickle and the rest of the field. Round-one winner Justin Barcia started outside the top 15 on his Monster Energy Yamaha YZ450F.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Defending champ Cooper Webb grabbed second in Tampa, a week after winning his first race of 2020. PHOTO: ROB KOY

Tomac was quickly by Friese, but his teammate Cianciarulo already had over 3 seconds on him, so Tomac began to slowly eat into Cianciarulo’s lead until he utilized an inside/outside move through the track’s split-sand lane to take over the lead just before the halfway point of the race. Seeing that Tomac was using that side of the sand to make up a bunch of time on him, Cianciarulo tried to follow Tomac through on the following lap, only to lose a ton of time. From there, Tomac was gone.

Things were exasperated only a few laps later when Cianciarulo went down in the whoops and then got his motorcycle hung up, off the track, on track markers. Cianciarulo got back going in 10th, handing second on the track to Webb, who had been dragging Roczen with him toward the front for most of the race. Roczen himself overcame a fall earlier in the race, when he washed out the front end after just having passed Stewart for third. Roczen passed Stewart back a few laps later to take the final podium spot.

Stewart struggled in the final few laps, getting passed by his teammate Hill, Barcia, Wilson and Wilson’s teammate Jason Anderson, but got Anderson back in the last corner after shoving Anderson off the track to steal 7th place back at the finish.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Ken Roczen finished third in Tampa and will relinquish his red numberplate background for next week’s Triple Crown event in Arlington, Texas. PHOTO: ROB KOY

Besides the ride put in by Tomac, the ride of the night had to go to Monster Energy Yamaha’s Barcia, who came from outside the top 15 to grab fourth place on the last lap from Hill, who finished fifth.

Tomac now leads the points standings for the first time this year, with 4 points in-hand over Roczen as the series heads to its second Triple Crown event of the year this coming Saturday night in Arlington, Texas. If Tomac can manage to hang on to the points lead through the series finale in Salt Lake City, Utah, this May, Tomac will relinquish a current record he holds: The most wins by a racer who has never won the championship. If he manages to pull it off this year, that record will return to the Beast from the East, Damon Bradshaw.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Shane McElrath dominated the 250SX East series opener on his new Yamaha. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the 250SX East series opener, Shane McElrath qualified second during the day and then grabbed the main-event holeshot over Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Jordon Smith, GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin, Martin’s teammate (and defending 250SX East champ) Chase Sexton, Martin’s other teammate, rookie Jo Shimoda, and the rest of the field. Although Martin was quick to get around Smith and move into second, McElrath was already checking out. McElrath led all 19 laps while Martin ended up losing one spot to his teammate Sexton before the checkered flag.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Defending 250SX East champ Chase Sexton was second overall in Tampa. PHOTO: ROB KOY

For Martin, a podium finish in his first serious race back after over 18 months of recovery from a broken back suffered in 2018, was like a win.

Martin held off former teammate RJ Hampshire (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) late in the race, only for Hampshire to go down and promote the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki duo of Garrett Marchbanks and Jordon Smith to the top-five. Hampshire was sixth.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
After about 18 months away from racing with a broken back, Jeremy Martin came back strong with a podium finish. PHOTO: ROB KOY

With one race under their belts, the 250SX East field heads to a Triple Crown event next weekend in Arlington, Texas, which will give all of them more much-needed time behind a starting gate in the three-main-event format.

450SX Main Event:

1. Eli Tomac Kaw
2. Cooper Webb KTM
3. Ken Roczen Hon
4. Justin Barcia Yam
5. Justin Hill Hon
6. Dean Wilson Hus
7. Malcolm Stewart Hon
8. Jason Anderson Hus
9. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw
10. Justin Brayton Hon
11. Zach Osborne Hus
12. Broc Tickle Suz
13. Vince Friese Hon
14. Martin Davalos KTM
15. Tyler Bowers Kaw
16. Aaron Plessinger Yam
17. Kyle Chisholm Yam
18. Kyle Cunningham Suz
19. Chad Reed Hon
20. Ryan Breece Suz
21. Adam Enticknap Suz
22. Blake Baggett KTM


250SX East Main Event:

1. Shane McElrath Yam
2. Chase Sexton Hon
3. Jeremy Martin Hon
4. Garrett Marchbanks Kaw
5. Jordon Smith Kaw
6. RJ Hampshire Hus
7. Kyle Peters Hon
8. Joey Crown Yam
9. Jimmy Decotis Suz
10. Jo Shimoda Hon
11. Jace Owen Hon
12. Josh Hill Yam
13. Cedric Soubeyras Hus
14. Nick Gaines Yam
15. John Short Hon
16. Jerry Robin Hon
17. Jordan Bailey Hon
18. Hunter Sayles KTM
19. Enzo Lopes Yam
20. Justin Starling Hon
21. Isaac Teasdale Suz
22. Curren Thurman KTM


450SX Points Standings:

1. Eli Tomac 155/3 wins
2. Ken Roczen 151/2 wins
3. Cooper Webb 144/1 win
4. Justin Barcia 135/1 win
5. Adam Cianciarulo 127
6. Jason Anderson 120
7. Malcolm Stewart 106
8. Justin Brayton 102
9. Justin Hill 93
10. Blake Baggett 91
11. Zach Osborne 87
12. Dean Wilson 86
13. Aaron Plessinger 77
14. Vince Friese 70
15. Martin Davalos 59
16. Tyler Bowers 42
17. Justin Bogle 24
18. Kyle Chisholm 21
19. Chad Reed 21
20. Alex Ray 19


250SX East Points Standings:

1. Shane McElrath 26/1 win
2. Chase Sexton 23
3. Jeremy Martin 21
4. Garrett Marchbanks 19
5. Jordon Smith 18
6. RJ Hampshire 17
7. Kyle Peters 16
8. Joey Crown 15
9. Jimmy Decotis 14
10. Jo Shimoda 13
11. Jace Owen 12
12. Josh Hill 11
13. Cedric Soubeyras 10
14. Nick Gaines 9
15. John Short 8
16. Jerry Robin 7
17. Jordan Bailey 6
18. Hunter Sayles 5
19. Enzo Lopes 4
20. Justin Starling 3

Tampa Supercross Qualifying

This is sounding like a broken record now, but you can’t blame us! At round 7 of the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, in Tampa, Florida, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo topped qualifying for the 7th week in a row, and his teammate, Eli Tomac, was second, for the 7th week in a row.

But there was one change: Since the Tampa round marks the first round of the 250SX East Series, Dylan Ferrandis did not top 250SX qualifying. Instead, that honor went to two-time 250MX National Champion Jeremy Martin on his GEICO Honda, in his first supercross race since 2018 (following a badly broken back during that year’s AMA MX Nationals).

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Adam Cianciarulo topped qualifying for the 7th week in a row in Tampa. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the 450SX class, Cianciarulo once again just edged out his teammate Tomac by just over 1/10th of a second, but the top 7 in qualifying were all within a second of Cianciarulo’s time out front, including last week’s winner, Red Bull KTM’s defending 450SX champ Cooper Webb.

Broc Tickle was another noteworthy qualifier in Tampa, in his first race back since he was put on a two-year suspension by WADA. He’s racing for the JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing team for the rest of the 2020 Supercross Series. Mountain Motorsports/cbdMD Honda’s Chad Reed qualified a fitting 22nd.

2020 Tampa Supercross Results
Jeremy Martin’s return to supercross is going good so far! He qualified first in Tampa. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the 250SX East class, GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin topped the charts in front of Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Shane McElrath, Martin’s defending East champ Chase Sexton, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Garrett Marchbanks, and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s RJ Hampshire.

Josh Hill’s return to racing saw him qualify a strong ninth on his privateer Yamaha. He might surprise some people.

Racing gets going tonight at 7pm Eastern Time.

450SX Qualifying:

1. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw 47.704
2. Eli Tomac Kaw 47.823
3. Ken Roczen Hon 48.052
4. Cooper Webb KTM 48.055
5. Jason Anderson Hus 48.373
6. Malcolm Stewart Hon 48.436
7. Blake Baggett KTM 48.698
8. Dean Wilson Hus 48.774
9. Zach Osborne Hus 48.839
10. Justin Brayton Hon 48.931
11. Martin Davalos KTM 49.099
12. Justin Hill Hon 49.144
13. Justin Barcia Yam 49.146
14. Aaron Plessinger Yam 49.422
15. Broc Tickle Suz 49.489
16. Tyler Bowers Kaw 49.689
17. Benny Bloss Yam 49.793
18. Vince Friese Hon 49.936
19. Kyle Chisholm Yam 50.280
20. Kyle Cunningham Yam 50.377
21. Alex Ray Kaw 50.455
22. Chad Reed Hon 50.606


250SX East Qualifying:

1. Jeremy Martin Hon 48.974
2. Shane McElrath Yam 49.004
3. Chase Sexton Hon 49.101
4. Garrett Marchbanks Kaw 49.315
5. RJ Hampshire Hus 49.331
6. Jordon Smith Kaw 49.888
7. Jo Shimoda Hon 50.041
8. Nick Gaines Yam 50.320
9. Josh Hill Yam 50.684
10. Kyle Peters Hon 50.834
11. Joey Crown Yam 50.914
12. John Short Hon 51.107
13. Jace Owen Hon 51.114
14. Enzo Lopes Yam 51.128
15. Jordan Bailey Hon 51.312
16. Justin Starling Hon 51.415
17. Cedric Soubeyras Hus 51.646
18. Isaac Teasdale Suz 51.752
19. Jalek Swoll Hus 51.842
20. Jerry Robin Hon 51.844





2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Schedule

Round 1 January 4 Anaheim, California
Round 2 January 11 St. Louis, Missouri
Round 3 January 18 Anaheim, California
Round 4 January 25 Glendale, Arizona
Round 5 February 1 Oakland, California
Round 6 February 8 San Diego, California
Round 7 February 15 Tampa, Florida
Round 8 February 22 Arlington (Dallas), Texas
Round 9 February 29 Atlanta, Georgia
Round 10 March 7 Daytona, Florida
Round 11 March 14 Indianapolis, Indiana
Round 12 March 21 Detroit, Michigan
Round 13 March 28 Seattle, Washington
Round 14 April 4 Denver, Colorado
Round 15 April 18 Foxborough, Massachusetts
Round 16 April 25 Las Vegas, Nevada
Round 17 May 2 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Steve Cox