2020 Glendale Supercross Results

Steve Cox | January 25, 2020

Two weeks ago in St. Louis, Honda’s Ken Roczen completed one of the most amazing comebacks in the history of motorsports in finally winning his first 450SX main event 3 years after injuring his arm so badly that many thought he may never ride again, much less race, and much less win. Last week in Anaheim, California, at round three of the Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, Roczen took the points lead. And this week in Glendale, Arizona, for round four of the series (the first of three 2020 Triple Crown events) Roczen dominated, winning all three main events on his way to the overall and extending his points lead from three points to eight as the series heads to Oakland, California, for round five next Saturday night.

2020 Glendale Supercross Results
Honda’s Ken Roczen extended his points lead with a dominant 1-1-1 score to take the overall at the first Triple Crown event of the 2020 supercross series, in Glendale, Arizona. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Roczen fought off the advances of Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac in the first of three Triple Crown main events to take the win, but Tomac was leading early in the second of three main events, only for the red flag to come out due to a downed rider—Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM’s Justin Bogle, who went down in the first turn and was knocked unconscious. The race was restarted, and Roczen got out front and got away again. Tomac again was second, but farther back, with 2018 champ Jason Anderson third.

2020 Glendale Supercross Results
Eli Tomac was second overall on the night and now sits second in the points standings, just eight points behind longtime rival Roczen. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the final of the three main events, Roczen and Tomac found themselves duking it out for a position near the tail end of the top 10, but again the red flag flew as Chris Blose went down in the whoops and the Alpinestars Medical Crew had to attend to him. On the restart, Roczen remedied his start and quickly took over the lead while Tomac again found himself mired in the pack. Tomac was running fourth late in the main event when his teammate Adam Cianciarulo—fastest qualifier at every round in 2020 so far—went down hard at the end of the whoops and landed on his back, scoring a DNF. This gave Tomac third in the main and second overall. Anderson was third overall just in front of defending champ Cooper Webb on his Red Bull KTM and round-one winner Justin Barcia on his Monster Energy Yamaha.

2020 Glendale Supercross Results
Austin Forkner took a much-needed win in the 250SX West class with a 1-1-3 score, moving him to within 10 points of the championship points lead. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 250SX class, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner—who won round two in St. Louis—recovered well from his poor result a week prior in Anaheim, where Forkner went down in the whoops and finished 17th. Forkner got out front and got away in the first two main events on the night, while defending series champ Dylan Ferrandis (Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha) grabbed second after passing his way through the field. In the final main, Ferrandis’ teammate and points leader Justin Cooper got out front and ran away with it after having his overall result destroyed by an early fall in the first of the three main events. Cooper won the final main while Ferrandis finished second, and then Forkner, who rode a conservative race for third, knowing he had the overall win in the bag.

2020 Glendale Supercross Results
Defending champ Dylan Ferrandis (1W) struggled with mediocre (or worse) starts all night but still came away with a 2-2-2 score for second overall. He’s now just three points behind his teammate and points leader Justin Cooper in the championship. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Cooper still leads the points standings, but now just by three points over his teammate Ferrandis. TLD/Red Bull KTM’s Brandon Hartranft (fourth overall tonight) sits third in points, but the big story here is Forkner, who came into tonight’s event 22 points down on the points leader and leaves Glendale only 10 points back.

The series continues next Saturday night in Oakland, California.

450SX Overall

1. Ken Roczen Hon 1-1-1
2. Eli Tomac Kaw 2-2-3
3. Jason Anderson Hus 5-3-2
4. Cooper Webb KTM 8-5-4
5. Justin Barcia Yam 6-8-7
6. Justin Brayton Hon 7-7-9
7. Malcolm Stewart Hon 4-14-6
8. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw 3-6-17
9. Aaron Plessinger Yam 11-9-8
10. Blake Baggett KTM 12-4-14
11. Martin Davalos KTM 10-16-5
12. Justin Hill Hon 9-13-10
13. Dean Wilson Hus 16-10-11
14. Vince Friese Hon 13-12-12
15. Tyler Bowers Kaw 15-15-13
16. Ryan Breece Suz 19-18-15
17. Chris Blose Hon 17-17-18
18. Zach Osborne Hus 22-11-22
19. Alex Ray Kaw 20-20-16
20. Chad Reed Hon 18-19-19
21. Justin Bogle KTM 14-22-21
22. Jerry Robin Hon 21-21-20


250SX Overall

1. Austin Forkner Kaw 1-1-3
2. Dylan Ferrandis Yam 2-2-2
3. Michael Mosiman Hus 4-4-6
4. Brandon Hartranft KTM 5-6-4
5. Jacob Hayes Hus 6-5-5
6. Mitch Oldenburg Hon 7-7-7
7. Alex Martin Suz 8-8-9
8. Derek Drake KTM 10-3-13
9. Justin Cooper Yam 17-9-1
10. Luke Clout Hon 13-12-8
11. Carson Brown Hus 11-13-11
12. Robbie Wageman Yam 16-11-12
13. Martin Castelo Hus 12-14-14
14. Killian Auberson Hus 15-16-10
15. Jay Wilson Yam 14-10-18
16. Aaron Tanti Yam 9-17-17
17. Christian Craig Hon 3-22-22
18. Michael Leib Hus 19-15-15
19. Mitchell Falk Hon 18-18-16
20. Cheyenne Harmon Hon 20-19-19
21. Logan Karnow Kaw 22-20-20
22. Ludovic Macler Kaw 21-21-21


450SX Points Standings

1. Ken Roczen 92/2 wins
2. Eli Tomac 84/1 win
3. Justin Barcia 81/1 win
4. Jason Anderson 78
5. Cooper Webb 72
6. Adam Cianciarulo 71
7. Justin Brayton 63
8. Malcolm Stewart 62
9. Blake Baggett 55
10. Zach Osborne 51


250SX West Points Standings

1. Justin Cooper 86/1 win
2. Dylan Ferrandis 83/1 win
3. Brandon Hartranft 77
4. Austin Forkner 76/2 wins
5. Alex Martin 66
6. Michael Mosiman 62
7. Jacob Hayes 62
8. Mitch Oldenburg 55
9. Luke Clout 48
10. Derek Drake 48

2020 Glendale Supercross Qualifying

Tonight in Glendale, Arizona, marks the first “Monster Triple Crown” round of 2020, round four of the Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, which means there are three main events tonight, and no heat races. To qualify, instead of taking the top 40 into the night show through timed qualifying, only the top 18 qualify for each class, and then the next four—filling out the 22-racer field—are determined by an LCQ.

2020 Glendale Supercross Results
For the fourth time in as many rounds, Adam Cianciarulo qualified first during daytime qualifying. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 450SX class, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo kept his perfect streak alive, topping qualifying for the fourth race in a row. To do it, he had to top a time put in by his teammate Eli Tomac, who won last week in Anaheim. Points leader Ken Roczen qualified third, just in front of 2018 champ Jason Anderson.

Chad Reed qualified outside the top 18 on times, but raced his way into the night show with a second place in the 450cc LCQ, just behind Alex Ray.

One notable loss in the 450cc class was CycleTrader/Rock River Yamaha’s Benny Bloss, who went down in qualifying and was knocked unconscious, so he’s now under concussion protocol until further notice and will not be racing tonight.

2020 Glendale Supercross Results
Also for the fourth time in as many rounds, Dylan Ferrandis topped daytime qualifying in the 250SX class. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 250SX class, it’s actually very similar. For the fourth race in a row, keeping his perfect streak alive, defending 250SX West champ Dylan Ferrandis topped timed qualifying, just in front of his Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha teammate and points leader Justin Cooper. St. Louis winner Austin Forkner was third in qualifying, and GEICO Honda’s Christian Craig was fourth.

450SX Qualifying

1. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw 1:01.333
2. Eli Tomac Kaw 1:01.445
3. Ken Roczen Hon 1:01.954
4. Jason Anderson Hus 1:01.971
5. Malcolm Stewart Hon 1:02.174
6. Justin Hill Hon 1:02.375
7. Cooper Webb KTM 1:02.505
8. Justin Barcia Yam 1:02.659
9. Blake Baggett KTM 1:02.667
10. Martin Davalos KTM 1:02.677
11. Zach Osborne Hus 1:02.707
12. Dean Wilson Hus 1:02.762
13. Justin Brayton Hon 1:03.124
14. Justin Bogle KTM 1:03.374
15. Aaron Plessinger Yam 1:03.582
16. Vince Friese Hon 1:03.932
17. Chris Blose Hon 1:03.982
18. Tyler Bowers Kaw 1:04.386
19. Alex Ray Kaw LCQ 1st
20. Chad Reed Hon LCQ 2nd
21. Ryan Breece Suz LCQ 3rd
22. Jerry Robin Hon LCQ 4th


250SX Qualifying

1. Dylan Ferrandis Yam 1:02.064
2. Justin Cooper Yam 1:02.308
3. Austin Forkner Kaw 1:03.181
4. Christian Craig Hon 1:03.288
5. Brandon Hartranft KTM 1:03.299
6. Jacob Hayes Hus 1:03.714
7. Derek Drake KTM 1:03.902
8. Mitch Oldenburg Hon 1:03.924
9. Michael Mosiman Hus 1:04.058
10. Alex Martin Suz 1:04.671
11. Luke Clout Hon 1:05.306
12. Robbie Wageman Yam 1:05.445
13. Martin Castelo Hus 1:05.530
14. Carson Brown Hus 1:05.749
15. Jay Wilson Yam 1:05.835
16. Michael Leib Hus 1:05.859
17. Mitchell Falk Hon 1:06.057
18. Aaron Tanti Yam 1:06.078
19. Killian Auberson Hus LCQ 1st
20. Ludovic Macler Kaw LCQ 2nd
21. Logan Karnow Kaw LCQ 3rd
22. Cheyenne Harmon Hon LCQ 4th


Steve Cox