Finding #49 and America’s Forgotten Motocross Team Book

Press Release | December 9, 2019

The book Finding #49 and America’s Forgotten Motocross Team, penned by Keith Geisner and published by Archway Publishing, sheds light on Harley-Davidson’s short stint in motocross racing.

Finding #49 and America’s Forgotten Motocross Team, by Keith Geisner

After finding a rare Harley-Davidson dirt bike in a barn, Geisner set out to uncover its origins. Through extensive research, Geisner learned the bike was connected to the Harley-Davidson factory motocross team that was only in existence for three years, from 1976 to 1978. He spent the next 18 months researching the team’s history, interviewing original team members, and conducting a preservation restoration of the bike. The author details his incredible journey in this book.

“I’ve been riding, collecting and restoring bikes for more than half of my life,” said Geisner. “I never thought I’d have the privilege of owning a piece of American motocross history — or making connections and lifelong friendships with riders and industry icons I’ve admired most of my life. This has been one heck of an adventure — and one I simply had to share.”

The book is available in soft cover ($27.95), hardcover ($38.95) or E-book ($3.99) and can be found on Amazon or from Archway Publishing

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