David Kaiser Named Street Brand Manager for Renthal

Press Release | October 24, 2019

Renthal along with long-standing employee, David Kaiser, have established a new role of Street Brand Manager to help bring focus to the Street and Sportbike markets.

This is a press release from Renthal…

Renthal is accepting racer resumes for the 2015 season.

David has been an integral part of Renthal’s U.S. operation for the last 18 years, acting as National Sales Manager. This new role allows Renthal to specifically tap in to David’s 40 years of motorcycle-industry experience and passion for street motorcycles and bring renewed focus to that area of the business and grow sales in the North America and beyond.

“I am excited to announce this new role which has been created with David’s input to help us grow the road side of our business,” said president of Renthal Tom Wade. “David has been a critical part of our U.S. operations for 18+ years and I know that he will bring the same level of passion and dedication to this new position.”

Commercial director Rees Williams added, “Despite Renthal’s successful history in road racing, winning 18 World titles, 15 AMA titles, and over 60 Isle of Man TT wins, this will be the first time in the company’s history where we have someone whose daily focus is on how we can better serve our Street and Sportbike customers. This is a really exciting development for Renthal and David is perfect for this role.”

Kaiser said, “I am really excited to establish this new role at Renthal. We have always discussed needing more street focus, but have never been previously able to tackle it. I am really looking forward to using my passion for street motorcycles to make it a bigger focus for Renthal.”

David assumes his responsibilities on November 1, 2019.

For more information, visit www.renthal.com


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