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Press Release | June 17, 2019

Christy LaCurelle Named USMCA’s New Executive Director

This is a press release from U.S. Motorcycle Coaching Association

U.S. Motorcycle Coaching Association

The USMCA Board is excited to announce that Board Member and Corporate Secretary Christy LaCurelle has been appointed as USMCA’s next Executive Director, succeeding Scott Miller.

Christy LaCurelle Named USMCA’s New Executive Director
Christy LaCurelle, USMCA’s New Executive Director

Miller, a (retired) long-time executive of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, graciously served as Executive Director during 2018, an important time in the growth and evolution of the organization. “We are grateful to Scott for his exceptional leadership at such a critical point,” said Jon Erik Burleson, USMCA co-founder and current Chairman. “Scott’s exceptional organizational skills helped as we laid the groundwork to become a more sustainable organization.”

“Christy is well-known and trusted by our coaches and the motorcycle sport community” added Mark Blackwell, co-founder and acting President. “She is the perfect person to succeed Scott since she has been with the USMCA since its inception, was an early Board Member, and has amazing drive and determination to ensure the sustainability and success of this important initiative to Grow The Sport of motorcycling,” added Blackwell.

“We are both fortunate and thrilled to have Christy step into this important role,” remarked co-founder and Board Member Jeff Emig. “She has already had a huge impact as we accelerated the certification of our coaches to reach the critical milestone of our first 100.”

LaCurelle, a resident of Temecula, served for many years as Motorsports Marketing Manager of KTM North America and has subsequently gained significant experience in software sales and strategic consulting.

USMCA Coach Highlight

Ashley Fiolek is well known in the off-road racing world. She overcame the difficulties of her childhood deafness to become a multi-time Women’s Motocross Champion before retiring from professional racing. Now Fiolek has joined the USMCA in a coaching capacity, so we sat down with her to get caught up.

Ashley Fiolek
Ashley Fiolek

Q | Where were you born? Where do you live now?

A | I was born in Dearborn, MI and currently live in Florida.

Q | When did you first start riding motorcycles? Do you remember your first ride?

A | My dad took me on my first dirt bike ride when he let me ride with him on his 250cc motorcycle. I was only two years old! I then began riding a PeeWee 50 when I was 3 with training wheels and all I remember is that I absolutely had the time of my life! From that moment on, I was hooked. 

Q | What got you into racing? How long did you race professionally?

A | My dad used to race and my parents brought me to a supercross stadium called Silver Dome to watch the races when I was little. I immediately fell in love at that moment and set my sights on racing. I continued to develop my skill and eventually turned pro. I raced at a professional level for five years.

Q | When did you start coaching?

A | I began coaching after my retirement from professional racing. It has been four years now. 

Q | What do you like about coaching?

A | I coach because I love to teach and help people develop their racing techniques the right way. I enjoy watching my students succeed and accomplish their goals at the end of the day. It is a very rewarding job. 

Q | How long have you worked with Husqvarna Motorcycles? What is your official title?

A | One exciting thing that has come from my coaching is that I have become an ambassador for Husqvarna. I have been with the brand for three years now and enjoy how involved they are in growing the sport of motorcycling.

Q | What is your favorite type of motorcycle ride these days?

A | My favorite type of riding these days is through the woods. I also enjoy mixing it up and riding at different types of tracks. 

Q | Why do you want to help the USMCA initiative be successful?

A | I really believe that all coaches should become USMCA certified if they want to coach riders in our sport so that the students can feel safe at the track with us as their coaches. I believe the code of conduct and other standards outlined in the certification process are helpful in creating a standard motorcycle coaches should adhere to.


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