Leather Jacket Giveaway by Eric Bostrom and Backmate

Press Release | March 6, 2019

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Leather Jacket Giveaway by Eric Bostrom and Backmate

Eric Bostrom has started a company called Backmate. It’s all about products and healthy practices that help people deal with recovery, chronic pain, and injuries without the aid of medications.

Eric has had severe back injuries that have plagued him since he retired from motorcycle racing, and those of us who have ridden long enough all identify with injuries and lingering pain. So Eric decided to do something about it, and created a holistic approach based on science, innovative products and advice that help people treat their own issues without medications. A lot of this is what allowed Eric to have a successful mountain-bike-racing career after he retired from motorcycle racing.

He’s doing a one-of-a-kind jacket giveaway to raise awareness of his new business and drive people to the Backmate website for more information on his product and how they can help themselves deal with injuries.

Nostalgic #32 Eric Bostrom Leather Riding Jacket

Leather Jacket Giveaway by Eric Bostrom and Backmate

Eric Bostrom: “Between 2000 and 2003, we frequently traveled to Japan to join the Kawasaki World, Japanese, and American Superbike teams for R&D testing on the ZX-7RR. While testing at the Sugo circuit, I was given this jacket. I love its retro 70’s styling reminiscent of the Nixon, Duhamel Kawasaki racing era.”

It’s free to sign up to win the jacket and learn more about Backmate. Here’s the link:


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