Arizona Supercross Malcolm Stewart Injury (Updated)

Cycle News Staff | January 14, 2019

Malcolm Stewart, of the Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/Motoconcepts Racing Honda Team, suffered a broken femur when he went down during the 450SX main event at round two the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series in Glendale, Arizona, January 12.

Malcolm Stewart suffered a broken femur at the Arizona Supercross.
Malcolm Stewart suffered a broken femur in the crash that forced a re-start last night at the Arizona Supercross.

Stewart posted on Instagram today, January 13: “Such a bummer on what happened last night. Surgery this A.M. on femur! We will be back better than ever. Sorry I let you guys down! I appreciate all the prayers you guys sent me! I’ll give you guys an update soon.”

Before the injury, Stewart was enjoying an impressive start to the season, running in second place the week earlier in the main event at Angel Stadium of Anaheim before sliding out in the wet conditions.


Team owner Mike Genova said, “As most of you know, Saturday night in Glendale, while going Mach speed through the whoops pushing to catch the front runners, Malcolm had a big get off. 

“While I am super bummed and disappointed for Malcolm, his family and our group, I am equally grateful and happy that Malcolm’s injury is limited to strictly a broken femur of which the doctors performed surgery on Sunday morning. My gratitude and happiness stems from the experience of having one of my guys lying virtually motionless for some twenty minutes, thirty feet away from me (I was in the managers tower) having no idea the extent of the injury, thinking the worst and having no way to be by Malcolm’s side to support and comfort him. Followed up by Tony and I going to the hospital after the race, only to find Malcolm alert and upbeat, (pain meds may have been working) preparing to eat an In and Out burger, insisting on how he will be back in no time, stronger and better than ever.

“Unfortunately for Malcolm, his family, MCR, the fans and the whole race community, we are all going to have to patiently wait for Malcolm to recover from his injury and further pursue the excellence he displayed during the first two races of the 2019 season. I wanted to publicly acknowledge how proud I am of Malcolm for the level of commitment and work ethic he has invested into this years SX series.  When looking for a ride this past September he gave Tony and I his word that he was ready to do whatever was required to be prepared to compete at the highest level in the 2019 SX series, all of which he has done to perfection – both on and off the track. To improve his overall fitness and endurance levels, Malcom hired a personal trainer, never missing a training session and constantly pushed himself to reach new fitness levels. Alongside focusing on improved fitness, Malcolm modified his diet and quickly dropped 25 pounds that improved his results on the bike. When it came to testing and riding days, Malcolm was often the first one to the track and handled the rigorous demands the team put on him with a positive and cooperative attitude. Malcolm has been very respectful to work with and brought a lift in our team.

“So Malcolm won’t get the chance to show the world how hard he worked and the results of his efforts, but I feel it’s only fair to Malcolm to let the world know how proud I am of him on how he chose to become a better racer, role model and man.