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Press Release | November 24, 2018

Blud Lubricants Rolls Out Full Product Line of Oils, Lubricants, and Cleaners for Racers

Blud Lubricants

This is a press release from Blud Lubricants

Scottsdale, AZ — Last year, Blud Lubricants broke into the racing market with a series of 100-percent synthetic oils with one-of-a-kind formulation and technology unlike anything else in the racing world. After grabbing the attention of some of the top racers across the nation, they are taking that success up a notch and rolling out a full product line of new oils, lubricants, and cleaners in order to meet all the needs of on- and off-road racers.

Blud Lubricants

Dubbed the Blud Racing Pro Series, the products are set to ship beginning Nov. 16, 2018.

Blud Racing Pro Series

4-Stroke Racing Engine Oils – 10W40, 10W50, 15W50 – 100% Synthetic

Introducing new generation base stocks and proprietary technology specifically created for the professional racer. Outstanding clutch feel with no slippage or grabbing. Provides for a smoother operating transmission, exceptional thermal stability, and enhanced protection against engine and transmission wear and tear.

2-Stroke Racing Pre-Mix – 100% Synthetic
Designed for professional racers to protect their engine while getting maximum performance. Pre-mix provides low friction, keeps engine and valves clean, and prevents piston rings and exhaust valves from sticking.

Suspension Fluids – 5W Fork Fluid, 3W Shock Fluid – 100% Synthetic
Shear stable and ultra-high viscosity. Suspension fluids protect seals, minimizes foaming, and reduces stiction and running friction under the most extreme racing conditions.

Gear/Differential Oils – 75W90, 80W140 Limited Slip – 100% Synthetic
Designed for high temperatures, heavy loads, and racing speeds, these extreme performance gear oils are for use in transmissions and differentials. Created for long distance UTV/SxS racing. Fabulous wear protection and excellent film strength.

Blud Lubricants

Chain Lube – Provides smooth and quiet operation with outstanding protection. Lubricates effectively without dirt and grime clinging to the chain. Available in aerosol and spray.

Blud Lubricants
Penetrating Lube – Lubricates, displaces moisture, loosens and protects. Available in aerosol.

In addition, Blud Racing Lubricants is introducing its “Blud Racing Pro Elite Series” to protect in the most brutal racing applications.

Severe Duty Racing Engine Oil – 15W50 – 100% Synthetic
Designed for races in heavy mud, dirt, silt, etc. Protects the clutch, runs cooler and can handle the heat.

Blud Racing Lubricants is also rolling out its Bludline™ Series of machine care products. 

“Kick-Ass” Degreaser – Aqueous industrial-strength degreaser extremely effective for heavy-duty degreasing. Cleans almost any surface. Environmentally friendly. Available in spray.

PolyClean – Aqueous degreaser/cleaner with a polymer component that leaves a beautiful gloss behind. Looks great and makes the next cleaning easier. Available in spray.

Detailer – Cleans and protects paint, clear coat, chrome, powder coat, and glass. Safely removes dirt, dust, and grime without scratching the surface or causing swirls. Available in spray.

Rider Support Program Seeking New Racers

In a year’s time, Blud has sponsored more than 250 racers across the nation. Now, Blud is seeking to grow its Rider Support Program and is actively searching for new racers to join.  Racers tout the effectiveness and durability of Blud products time and again:

“Blud is simply the best oil out there! Bike runs cooler and no clutch slippage.” – Henry Miller, National Pro SX/MX  Racer

“I wasn’t too stoked on synthetic oils. Well, when I tried this oil… no slippage, no drag, 100-percent synthetic… It 100-percent works! It’s in my test bikes right now. I have had zero failures. It’s really reliable oil. Very good, 100% synthetic.”

~ Kris Keefer, Keefer Inc. Tested Podcast

To get more information on Blud’s Rider Support Program, call: 215.866.6910 or visit:


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