MXGP PRO Video Game

Press Release | July 11, 2018

The fourth installment of the MXGP video game comes out for the U.S. market this week.

MXGP PRO Announcement Trailer

MXGP PRO Video GameReal-world MXGP riders Tim Gajser, Antonio Cairoli, and Gautier Paulin offered their expertise to help Milestone achieve an authentic representation of the motocross sport. Tim Gajser explained how to have fun whipping, scrubbing, and passing through whoops sections. Tony Cairoli provided his feedback on start and braking precision, and Gautier Paulin explained how to control the ruts and take corners at high-speed. Here are some screen shots of the game.

MXGP PRO Video Game MXGP PRO Video Game

Create your rider and climb the ranks in Career mode. Jump in the Compound area: a bigger, wider training area with different terrain conditions. Test your skills facing 30 different challenges: a dedicated game mode to learn step by step the best motocross techniques in the most realistic way.


MXGP PRO – Launch Trailer

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