Throwback Thursday: Glover Wins Home Supercross in San Diego

Larry Lawrence | June 7, 2018
Broc Glover at 1982 San Diego SX
Cycle News Photo Collection

In this week’s Throwback we reach back in the photo files to the year 1982 and that year’s San Diego Supercross. The Supercross schedule was quite a bit different back in those days. The series lasted throughout the year, starting in January and then rounds sprinkled throughout the year, including in the middle of the summer. Instead of wrapping up in early May like it does these days, the ’82 AMA/Wrangler Supercross Series stretched from January all the way to November.

The series finale 36 years ago was in San Diego’s Jack Murphy Stadium. Hometown hero Broc Glover, who was from the San Diego suburb of El Cajon, felt right at home and dominated the proceedings that night on his factory Yamaha. In this photo we see Glover holding off Jim Holley in one of the qualifying races.

Glover dominated the main event that night winning ahead of fellow El Cajon resident Rick Johnson. Johnny O’Mara took third.

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