Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Looking for Volunteers

Press Release | June 5, 2018

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, The AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, Happening August 25-30, 2018

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, The AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the premier motorcycle land speed racing event. This AMA- and FIM-sanctioned event offers AMA national- and FIM world-record opportunities. Contenders in many classes, including streamliners biding for the absolute world record, will be there.

Volunteer Opportunities

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

The Volunteer signup form is online at . Volunteers receive a food and accommodations allowance for each full work day. Further information will be provided when signup form is complete.

Staff Working Areas | An Overview


Preparing the course and pit areas. Setting up flags, laying out pit area and Registration trailer setup. Scrutineering and Impound setup. (1 week to several day prior to opening)



Getting AMA liability form signed, processing entry-gate fee(s), issuing wrist bands, issuing vehicle dash passes, issuing passes held at gate (sponsor/ guest/ press), cash handling.


Registering pre-entered entrants, entering walk-in entrants and Run Watcha Brung entrants, issuing all tech forms, data entry for all entrants, cash handling.


Sale of merchandise, cash handling.


Motorcycle technical knowledge REQUIRED. All Scrutineers subject to AMA approval.

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials


Inspecting each vehicle to ensure it meets all regulations. Confirming prize money eligibility. Supervising the preparation of engines to be measured by the FIM/AMA official.


Supervision of vehicles making record runs.

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed TrialsBonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials


Excellent Communication skills REQUIRED.


Holding bike in pre-staging area(s), check bike at before release to starting line, releasing to starting area, maintaining waiting list.


General Check of Bike at starting line, Announce bike number to Timers, Check Scrutineering, and helmet stickers, Receive confirmation from track controller that track is clear, Give the official ok to run, Notify all when rider has left starting line.


Keeping an eye on the track for potential problems.

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Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials


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