2018 Iron Mine WORCS Results

| May 28, 2018

2018 Iron Mine WORCS Results – Taylor Robert won again in the 2018 Rocky Mountain ATV-MC WORCS Championship. The latest round in Cedar City, Utah, May 27, saw Roberts come out on top at the Iron Mine after battling dust early on, but once he passed for the lead, it was clear sailing for the FMF/KTM Off-Road Team rider.

2018 Iron Mine WORCS Results

2018 Iron Mine WORCS Results
Taylor Robert won the Iron Mine WORCS race in Utah. (Photo: Harlen Foley)

Roberts had to chase down Zach Bell off the start but it was a tough job because of the dry and dusty conditions and, not to mention, that Bell was flat out hauling. On the second lap, Robert caught and passed Bell and held on for the win, crossing the finish line nearly 45 seconds ahead of the Husqvarna rider, Bell.

“It was really hard to catch up to Zach because of the dust and he was riding really well,” said Robert who missed a few rounds earlier in the year with an injury. “It was really fast, really square edged, and really dusty. I’m glad to stay on top and bring home another win. This is all I can do; I’m trying to win as many races as I can. I’m doing everything I can to get back into the championship.”

After five rounds and missing two of them, Robert is now fourth in the championship, 12 points behind third-place Bell, and 32 points behind leader Giacomo Redondi, who was third in Utah, about 10 seconds behind Bell.

“I tried to latch onto Taylor and learn some of his lines, but I made a big mistake in the back and got tangled up in the banners,” said Bell. “I was riding well all day, but Taylor has that edge on us. I have a good long break now to work on myself, and go on to bigger and better things.”

Defending champion Gary Sutherlin (Suzuki) was fourth, and Eric Yorba (KTM) was fifth.

Austin Serpa (KTM) won the Pro 2 class with room to spare over Tallon LaFountaine (Husqvarna) and Mitch Anderson (KTM). Clayton Hengeveld (Kawasaki) was fourth and Kyle Mercier (KTM) was fifth.

In Pro 2 Lites, Colline Elliott (Yamaha) took the checkered flag in first place approximately 25 seconds anead of Zane Roberts (Husqvarna). Spenser Wilton (KTM) was third.



  1. Taylor Robert (KTM)
  2. Zach Bell (Hus)
  3. Giacomo Redondi (KTM)
  4. Gary Sutherlin (Hus)
  5. Eric Yorba (KTM)
  6. Justin Seeds (Kaw)
  7. Blayne Thompson (Kaw)
  8. Justin Wallis (Yam)
  9. Steven Gibson (Hus)
  10. Cole Shondeck (Hon)

PRO 2:

  1. Austin Serpa (KTM)
  2. Tallon LaFountaine (Hus)
  3. Mitch Anderson (KTM)
  4. Clayton Hengeveld (Kaw)
  5. Kyle Mercier (KTM)
  6. Cooper Abbott (KTM)
  7. Maxx Perkins (Suz)
  8. Hayden Florez (Yam)
  9. Matt Maple (Hon)
  10. Tate Dyer (KTM)


  1. Collin Elliott (Yam)
  2. Zane Roberts (Hus)
  3. Spenser Wilton (KTM)
  4. Preston Campbell (Hon)
  5. Mateo Olivera (KTM)
  6. Matthew Canepa (KTM)
  7. Damon Bush (Yam)
  8. Christian Strang (KTM)
  9. Dallas Serpa (KTM)
  10. Kyle Hutcheson (Hus)

2018 Iron Mine WORCS Results

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