MX Track Builders Reporting to Base

Press Release | March 1, 2018

MX Track Builders Reporting to Base | 2018 marks the third consecutive year that MX Track Builders will build for our United States Military.

MX Track Builders

This is a press release from MX Track Builders…

In less than a week, MX Track Builders will mobilize to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California. In just under three days, their team of motocross track builders will turn the military base into an all-out, bar-banging, motocross battlefield. In addition to the professional motocross race, a concert and a freestyle motocross show are put on for members of the military and their families living on base.

MX Track Builders

β€œIt’s an honor to be part of this event and an incredible opportunity for us to be able to give back to some of our men and women who serve.” – John Steiner, MX Track Builders

MX Track Builders began shaping the earth’s surface in 2006, creating the North American motocross landscape one track at a time. Established as a racetrack design and construction company, MX Track Builders provides professional service for the construction of high quality motocross, supercross, and arenacross tracks.

MX Track Builders

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