Antigravity Re-Start Batteries

Cycle News Staff | March 6, 2018

Antigravity Re-Start Batteries | Lithium-Ion Battery With Built-In Jump Starting

Antigravity Re-Start Batteries

Antigravity Batteries introduces the all-new Re-Start lithium-ion battery that has a built-in jump starting feature. The new Re-Start battery has a button on the top of the battery that, when pushed, accesses the battery’s reserve energy to start your bike. Antigravity Batteries says it will soon be offering a remote key fob so the re-start feature can be accessed without having to remove the bike’s seat or fairing.

Antigravity Re-Start Batteries

The lithium-ion Re-Start battery also has a Battery Management System (BMS) that is designed to actively balance the lithium cells while protecting the battery from over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions. Antigravity explains that these built-in protections make for longer service life, up to two times the life cycle of lead/acid and other lithium starter batteries on the market.

Scott Schafer, CEO, states, “We’ve all been left stranded by a dead battery. It’s awful, frustrating, and in some situations, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, it can be very dangerous.” He explains, “Our objective as a leader in lithium-ion technology for motorsports was to create a vehicle battery that the customer can rely on and not worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, and I’m happy and proud to say we have done it with this new battery!”

Antigravity Re-Start Batteries

The Re-Start batteries have a new four-terminal-post design, which allows for easy connection for the user, and the ability for the dealer to carry less stock since one battery will work for right- or left-side connections on the vehicle. They also come in direct-fit OEM sizes, so there is no foam needed for installation as required by other brands. All the new Re-Start batteries come with a 3-year warranty.

Prices Range from $129.99 and up.


About Antigravity Batteries

Located in Los Angeles, California, Antigravity Batteries was established in 2009. Antigravity makes its batteries in the USA and uses power cells made by the American manufacturer that provides lithium batteries to world-class companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, Tesla, just to name a few. Antigravity does not use Chinese Lifepo4 copy cells or the lower-powered pouch/prismatic cells that are found in other brands.

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