2018 FIM SuperEnduro Spain Results

Cycle News Staff | February 19, 2018

2018 FIM SuperEnduro Spain Results – It was a night of carnage and excitement in round three of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in Malaga, Spain, February 17, but American Cody Webb, who emerged from it all perhaps a little worse for wear, came away with the overall win. Webb survived a few crashes on the night, including a huge first-lap pileup in the third feature race. Despite finishing ninth with a bent up motorcycle in that race, Webb came away with his second victory of the championship and managed to pad his series points lead.

2018 FIM SuperEnduro Spain Results

2018 FIM SuperEnduro Spain Results
Cody Webb survived a crazy night in Spain to win round three of the 2018 FIM SuperEnduro Championship. Photo: Future7Media

“It was a crazy night, that’s for sure, but I never gave up, and it feels great to have won,” Webb said. “I finished the final race with a hole in my radiator, my bars were completely bent and I had half a grip missing on the throttle side, but I still managed to do enough to get the overall win.”

Webb was battling fellow KTM rider Taddy Blazusiak for the lead in the first of three main events when the two momentarily collided, which was just enough to let KTM’s Jonny Walker sneak through to nab the win over Webb and Blazusiak. American Colton Haaker (Rockstar Husqvarna) was fifth.

In the second heat race, Webb outdueled Haaker for the win, while Husqvarna’s Billy Bolt took third and Walker fourth. Blazusiak had a big crash while battle with Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna).

Blazusiak bounced back to win race three that saw Webb and Haaker tangle down the start straight. The two rivals went down, taking Walker with them. Haaker managed to get up and finish fifth, but it took Webb a little longer to regroup, and he ended up taking ninth on a severely beat up motorcycle but it was still good enough to nab the overall win ahead of Walker, Bolt, Gomez and Haaker.

Webb now enjoys a 24-point lead over Blazusiak. Haaker is 31 points back in fourth.

2018 FIM SuperEnduro Spain Results

Malaga, Spain

RESULTS: February 17, 2018

Race 1

  1. Jonny Walker (KTM) 11 laps 7:13.436; 2. Cody Webb (KTM) 7:17.464; 3. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 7:24.036; 4. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 7:39.052; 5. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 7:41.724; 6. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 7:47.947; 7. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 8:05.511

Race 2

  1. Cody Webb (KTM) 11 laps 7:14.181; 2. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 7:16.609; 3. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 7:20.477; 4. Jonny Walker (KTM) 7:26.088; 5. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 7:36.122.

Race 3

  1. Taddy Blazusiak (Husqvarna) 11 laps 7:00.085; 2. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 7:09.724; 3. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 7:12.116; 4. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 7:26.504; 5. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 7:35.700… 9. Cody Webb (KTM) 7:25.105.


  1. Cody Webb (KTM) 46pts; 2. Jonny Walker (KTM) 44pts; 3. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 41pts; 4. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 37pts; 5. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 37pts.

Championship Standings (After Round 3)

  1. Cody Webb (155); 2. Taddy Blazusiak (131); 3. Billy Bolt (124); 4. Colton Haaker (114); 5. Jonny Walker (105).

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