The 250cc two-stroke streetbike is back, baby!

Rennie Scaysbrook | December 11, 2017

Meet the new 249cc, fuel-injected Vins Motors Duecinquanta.

If the numbers are correct, the Vins Motors two-stroke streetbikes will be brilliant little weapons.

What we have here is a brand new concept from Italian start-up Vins Motors—a 250cc two-stroke parallel twin in a carbon monocoque chassis, with no welds and the all-important Euro 4 compliance.

The product of five ex-Ferrari engineers and designers and dubbed the Vins Motors Duecinquanta (Italian translation of Two Fifty), the motorcycle weighs a staggering 209lb ready to ride, with 70hp coming from its 249cc parallel-twin, fuel injected, two-stroke engine. The front suspension uses a parallelogram layout (similar to the legendary Britten V1000), with a monoshock acting on a carbon fiber swingarm at the rear, with the show rolling of gorgeous Dymag carbon fiber wheels.

“There are no more two-strokes anymore,” said Vins Motos Vincenzo Mattia to the British publication, Performance Bikes. “If you are passionate about these bikes, there are only old bikes like the Suzuki RGV and Cagiva Mito. They are nice, but they are too old. We must bring the two-stroke back.

The Competizione model promises to turn things up a few notches. Many, actually.

“The bike is inspired by Colin Chapman (legendary Formula One designer) and Lotus—we are making the bike light, with as few parts as possible, with some components doing more than one task,” the PB story continues. “The monocoque is both the bodywork and the chassis and carries the coolant. It’s designed to draw air into the engine from breathing and cooling and exhaust the hot air.

“There are no welds on the bike—it is bolted or bonded together to save weight.”

The company will also be producing a Competizione edition, that drops the weight down further to just 187 lb (85kg), with a capacity increase to 288cc giving a very healthy 85hp.

These are not yet production bikes, merely prototypes, but Vins Motors plans to have these two pocket rockets up and running next year. Looks like our man Alan Cathcart has a new European assignment for 2018!'

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