2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results

Jean Turner | November 6, 2017

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results – With 813 or so World Vet Motocross championships to his credit over the last few decades, starring at the annual Glen Helen event seemed much like clockwork to Doug Dubach. But in the last few years, Kurt Nicoll threw a wrench into Dubach’s program. In 2015, the now infamous battles between the two saw Nicoll take the upper hand in the 40+ Pro class, while Dubach salvaged the 50+ title with a questionable last-corner maneuver on the Brit. Dubach sat out the 2016 event due to illness, so the two hadn’t faced off at Glen Helen since then, but two years later, the masters were back in session for the 33rd Annual Dubya World Vet Motocross Championship, and this time, Dubach would not be denied.

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results
The passing of race founder Tom White cast a shadow over the event, but racing raged on at Glen Helen, just as the event originator would have wanted. Photos: Jean Turner

Dubach and Nicoll faced off in both the 40+ Pro and 50+ Pro divisions, and while Mike Brown throttled his Husqvarna to a runaway victory in Saturday’s 40+ action, the battle to watch was for second. It might as well have been a win for Dubach, who was elated to best Nicoll for second overall behind Brownie. In Sunday’s 50+ class, Dubach swept with a clean 1-1 victory in the mud ahead of Nicoll, who was only seconds behind but admits he had nothing for Dubach.

“It feels outstanding! You’d think it’d get boring after 832 times, but it just doesn’t! They get harder and harder,” said Dubach. “Faster people keep coming, the odds keep stacking against you. The fact that I managed to do this time and time again with some good competition, it’s soooo rewarding! It’s unbelievable. It just feels so good.”

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results
Mike Brown made his first appearance at the event a good one, taking a win in 40+ Pro and a podium in Sunday’s 30+ Pro division.

Brown was happy to celebrate a dominant win in the 40+ Pro class in his first-ever attempt at the World Vet MX. The not-exactly-retired motocrosser-turned-off-roader put on a clinic on Saturday in a warm-up for Sunday’s 30+ Pro race (where he also got on the podium). While the Dubach/Nicoll battle raged in his wake, Brown sailed to victory by a comfortable margin, with a flat front tire in the second moto, no less.

Dubach collected second with his 2-2 ahead of Kenjiro Tsuji who edged out Nicoll for third overall. A terrible start left Nicoll outside the top 20 on the first lap, and he was only able to salvage fourth place while Tsuji (pronounced “2G” as his jersey reads) nabbed the podium position with his 4-3.

The “kids” in the 30+ class highlighted Sunday’s program, with Brett Metcalfe taking a 1-1 victory for the overall ahead of Mike Brown. Jason Potter of Spokane, Washington collected third with a 3-5 finish, making it a podium of all newcomers to the event. Like Brown, Metcalfe was racing the World Vet MX for the first time ever. The 33-year-old received some help from Tony Alessi in getting his MotoConcepts Honda together in time for the event. With only three days on the new bike, Metcalfe treated himself to victory.

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results
Doug Dubach got back to his winning ways at the Dubya World Vet Motocross Championship with a win in 50+ Pro class.

Sunday’s action was complicated by a decent amount of rain in the morning, which was rather unexpected. The steady downfall effectively soaked the track, leaving a muddy mess for the first motos, with the 30+ Pro and 50+ Pro classes getting the worst of it.

“The first [moto] was really raining heavy for us,” said Metcalfe. “It was pretty tough. I think everybody had to throw their goggles off. I took a pretty good shot, a rock in the eye. That was a little pain there for a little bit. It’s just raining; what do you do? I’m still glad I got the holeshot and able to get the lead and hold on for the win.

“The second moto I didn’t get the holeshot. Brownie got the jump and took it. It was good riding with Mike. I got a lot of respect for Mike Brown. He’s awesome so yeah, I just had a good time riding with him.”

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results
With only three days aboard his new MotoConcepts Honda, Brett Metcalfe sailed to a 1-1 victory in the 30+ Pro class.

It was a family affair for “Metty,” who was joined by his kids and his dad, who raced on Saturday. “I was here yesterday helping my dad. He was racing for the first time,” said Metcalfe. “He raced 60+ Novice and he actually won both motos. It was pretty sweet.”

The muddy conditions also ravaged the opening moto of the 50+ Pros. Some speculated that it would play to the advantage of the Brit, but he confessed he is not a strong mud rider. “Today was miserable,” Nicoll said. “I absolutely hate riding in rain. That’s why I moved to Southern California!”

The program was halted and the track was re-routed around one of the course’s two hill sections, but the thick mud still caused plenty of crashes and tip-overs.

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results
Kurt Nicoll made every effort to defend his 50+ Pro Championship, but had to settle for second this time.

The full weekend of racing yielded over 1100 race entries from a largely international crowd, with racers coming from Europe, Brazil, Tahiti, Japan, Puerto Rico and Australia for the world-famous event. Other big winners included Isao Ida in the 60+ Expert, who edged out Mark Gambetta and Chuck Sun for top honors. Jim O’neal helped himself to 1-1 victories in the 70+ class on Saturday, but took second on Sunday’s 70+ class behind Steve Machado. Women’s action saw Holly Breck edge out Michelle Horton for the Expert title. In the 25+ Expert class, Sean Lipanovich dominated on Saturday while Jeff Loop topped the field with a 1-1 on Sunday.

Jean Turner

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results
Mike Brown shares Saturday’s 40+ Pro podium with Dubach (left) and Kenjiro Tsuji (right).

2017 Glen Helen World Vet MX Championship Results


30+ Pro

  1. Brett Metcalfe (Hon) 1-1
  2. Mike Brown (Hus) 2-2
  3. Jason Potter (Hon) 5-3
  4. Tonni Andersen (KTM) 3-5
  5. Mike Sleeter (KTM) 6-4

40+ Pro

  1. Mike Brown (Hus) 1-1
  2. Doug Dubach (Yam) 2-2
  3. Kenjiro Tsuji (Yam) 4-3
  4. Kurt Nicoll (KTM) 3-4
  5. John Grewe (Kaw) 5-5

50+ Pro

  1. Doug Dubach (Yam) 1-1
  2. Kurt Nicoll (KTM) 2-2
  3. Keith Bowen (Hon) 3-4
  4. John Grewe (Kaw) 5-3
  5. Ron Lechien (Kaw) 4-5

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