2017 ISDE France Day Two Results

Mark Kariya | August 30, 2017

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results – While the U.S. World Trophy team suffered a severe blow yesterday with the loss of Thad Duvall due to a wrist injury and will now focus on helping Taylor Robert, Kailub Russell and Ryan Sipes do as well as possible individually, things went decidedly better for other parts of the American effort at the 92nd International Six Days Enduro in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results
Ryan Sipes probably was a bit too cautious yesterday so hung it out a little more today and ended up the fastest overall rider in the field. After two days, that puts him fourth behind French leader Christophe Nambotin with Taylor Robert 7.13 seconds behind. France also leads in FIM World Trophy. Photo: Mark Kariya

With Sweden losing a rider to a mechanical problem, the Junior World Trophy standings saw the American trio of Grant Baylor, Layne Michael and Josh Toth move into the lead⏤but just barely.

Fourth yesterday, the second day of the race saw them leapfrog everyone, though the team has less than a three-second lead over France, while Italy is 15.48 seconds farther back in third.

Toth enjoyed the best day of the three and found himself 17th overall at the end of the day.

And just as exciting is Ryan Sipes being the day’s overall fastest individual despite not winning any tests.

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results
This foot-grabber is mild compared to some others in the day’s five tests, but Josh Toth made quick work of them to lead the U.S. Junior World Trophy team as it leapfrogged into the lead.

“I think for sure I hung it out a little bit more today,” he admitted. “Yesterday, I was first [rider to start and, thus, first to hit each test, giving everyone else a line to follow), and so it was pretty dicey. I felt like if I pushed too hard and I blew it by going down, I’d be letting everybody down so I kind of just chilled to start the day.”

Part of the reason for caution yesterday was getting used to a smaller bike. He said, “It’s also been an adjustment on [getting used to] the 250 [instead of my normal Husky FX 350]. I’ve been practicing on one, but practicing and racing are totally different. My brake points are different; the torque that you have to get up out of stuff and over stuff is a lot different so I’ve been getting better as we go.”

Coincidentally, the top three riders overall today all rode 250Fs.

For the two-day total, though, Christophe Nambotin of France remains the top dog, and he increased his margin over second-place Taylor Robert by almost a second to 7.13 seconds. E1 leader Davide Guarneri is another 3.42 seconds back in third overall after two days.

Likewise, France remains atop the leader board for the FIM World Trophy, Australia second and Italy third. The U.S. Rremains 16th of 19 countries after losing Duvall yesterday.

The U.S. Women’s World Trophy team likewise saw luck go its way after Spain lost the lead when two of its riders crashed out. That gave Australia a clear shot at the lead and with GNCC regular Tayla Jones heading the day, the Aussies are now in perfect position to make it a record-tying five in a row.

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results
Being that this is her first time, it’s understandable that Brandy Richards was a bit apprehensive yesterday. Today, she buckled down and improved both her riding as well as her tire-changing to lead the U.S. Women’s World Trophy team as it moved into second behind four-time and current champ Australia.

Among the American women, Brandy Richards went the fastest and finished fourth in class behind Jones, saying, “I did struggle through one of the transfers; it was pretty gnarly⏤it had some bad silt ruts that I got stuck in and I barely made my time [at the next check], but I made it so it was good.”

After getting her KTM’s fuel pump replaced yesterday, Becca Sheets re-impounded and finished the day fifth, 10.56 seconds behind Richards with Kacy Martinez-Coy sixth.

SRT Off-road maintained its fourth place in the Club class with Ben Kelley the fifth-fastest Club rider of the day and Ty Tremaine eighth. Cody Webb had a couple bad tests drop him to 24th Club rider for the day.

Among the day’s DNFs were two American Club riders: Rick Emerson and Steve Mason.

2017 ISDE France Day Two Results

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