Exit Tours Motorcycle Club

Press Release | July 6, 2017

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club has three single-track rides planned for the summer of 2017.

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club


This is a press release from Exit Tours Motorcycle Club…

Have you ever wanted to ride motorcycles in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains?
But don’t know where to ride? Or stay, eat or get fuel? Or you just want to ride somewhere different? Or want to ride trails and mountain passes you’ve only heard about?

We may have the answer.

Our Club uses a “High Adventure, No Hassle, Shared Group Expense” approach where you can share the experience with like-minded enthusiasts’ and experience what the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

Exit Tours M/C has three club single-track rides planned for the summer of 2017 from the Ponderosa Lodge near Salida, Colorado.

• July 21-23
• August 4-6
• August 25-27

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club



Call Mike Brown at 719-649-8530 for more info

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