Local Philadelphian embarks on 7,000 Mile Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip for Peace

Press Release | May 11, 2016

This is a press release from Global Mike…
Philadelphia, PA (May 6, 2016) – Global Mike Reid, Adventurer and Expedition Athlete from Philadelphia, PA and Sigríður Ýr Unnarsdóttir (Sigga), his Icelandic co-pilot, will embark on a 7,000 mile cross country motorcycle odyssey (“Miles for Peace”) with the goal of supporting a nonprofit called Seeds of Peace.

Mike started his work as a summer camp counselor with Seeds of Peace in 2015 after recognizing the importance working to address the increasingly tense geo-political environments emerging in our time. Based on his work with inner-city youth in Philadelphia with EducationWorks, Mike decided the youth-centered approach of Seeds of Peace would be the most advantageous.

“As a first-time counselor I was continually amazed by the ability of Seeds of Peace to attract teenagers from so many competing backgrounds,” says Reid. Through the care of both camp staff and counselors, these teenage Seeds are encouraged to make meaningful steps across a strong line of historic division.”

Mike’s desire to combine adventure with charitable causes stems from the success of his first major expedition in July 2014 when he and expedition kayaker Kouji Hara were the first team to complete an unsupported sea-kayaking mission from Japan to South Korea, taking them across the East Asian Sea with the goal of raising awareness about ocean pollution (http://japantokorea.asia/media-exposure/). Once again in March of 2015, Global Mike Reid embarked on another adventure, completing his longest solo expedition of over 600 miles, kayaking up the pacific coast of Japan to Tokyo with the goal of collecting data regarding floating debris (http://1000ktotokyo.globalmikereid.com/).
The goal of “Miles for Peace” is two-fold: the first being to raise $6000 to fund a scholarship for one international camper to attend Seeds of Peace summer camp in Otisfield Maine and the second is to recognize the potential of each person to lead a meaningful and adventurous life while having a lasting impact on the world around them. As Mike said, “Seeds of Peace and my thirst for meaningful adventure are like peanut butter and jelly; good by themselves but amazing when put together. Here is where ‘Miles for Peace’ was born.”

To learn more about Global Mike Reid and “Miles for Peace,” visit http://globalmikereid.com/. To watch the “Miles for Peace” introduction video, click http://video.globalmikereid.com/. To learn how one can support the cause, visit http://milesforpeace.globalmikereid.com/.

Mike and Sigga posing on Mt. Esja in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Mike and Sigga posing on Mt. Esja in Reykjavik, Iceland.