Hacker To Suzuki

Paul Carruthers | February 14, 2007
The following is from a press release…

No Surprise that Suzuki will be the bike to beat in the 2007 AMA Flat Track Singles Series. Factory Rider Jake Johnson proved that in ‘06 by earning the championship.

Mike Hacker a long time supporter of Honda, will be competing on RMZ Suzuki for the series hoping that the switch will bring the same luck as Johnson.

The “Hackman’s” program came together with the tremendous support of Ron Ayers Motorsports. Based in Greenville, North Carolina, the dealership offers a complete mail order division, selling every available factory part for their multi brand dealership. Under a 60,000 square foot building, Ron Ayers Motorsports is a highly recognized dealership in the country. Mike Hacker/Ron Ayers Suzuki’s motors will be built by KWS Racing, a long time sponsor of Hacker’s. Mike Varnes, Hacker’s mechanic will be working diligently on the machines to make them race ready.

Ron Ayers Motorsports is extremely energized in helping out Mike Hacker in his quest for high performance. General Manager, Jimmy Stallings has a special interest; a retired ex-flat tracker himself is pleased to be supporting the sport. During Hacker’s meeting in Greenville, pure excitement by both parties was felt as Jimmy brought out his leathers from years past. Ron Ayers is no stranger in backing professional race teams. Their support is also noted in the AMA Superbike Series as the Millennium/KWS Ron Ayers Race Team featuring riders of John Haner and David Weber.

“ Running my own program with Hondas was a big expense for me. I was looking for a change this year and Ron Ayers smoothed the progress to make this great decision for me to switch brands. I have tested the bikes and everything feels great. At ease and true to the Hacker style, The bikes are ready for performance. Without Ron Ayers support it would have been real tough to run the complete series.” Expressed Mike Hacker about his switch to Suzuki.

The SuperTrapp/ White’s Performance/ Ron Ayers Motorsports Team makes their first appearance at the season opener on March 7th at the Daytona Municipal Stadium during the infamous Bike Week Celebrations.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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