Harley-Davidson Suspended, Pt. 2

| March 7, 2002
AMA Pro Racing Director of Competition Merrill Vanderslice has informed Cycle News that the factory Harley-Davidson dirt track team has appealed its four-race suspension for violating the AMA’s 505cc displacement rule for single-cylinder dirt track equipment at last night’s Hot Shoe National in Barberville, Florida.

Vanderslice said that the appeal, which must be in written form, was received today.

“The AMA rulebook does allow for appeals of fines, suspension, etc.,… it specifically does state suspensions,” Vanderslice said. “While this [four-race suspension] is not a penalty that prescribed in the rulebook, at Savannah, Georgia, referee Rick Reinhold did inform all of the competitors, including the Harley-Davidson team, of the four-race suspension for any motorcycle that was found to be over 505cc during the week of races in Florida. Reinhold also allowed any competitor to withdraw from the event with the benefit of a full refund of their entry if they did not feel that their motorcycle could pass technical inspection.”

Vanderslice said that some competitors did withdraw, but the factory Harley-Davidson team did not.

As it stands now, King will be eligible to compete in the Daytona Municipal Stadium events on Friday and Saturday while the appeal is pending.

“Now we move to a discretionary process where we determine whether or not the appeal is frivolous,” Vanderslice said. “If it is determined that we should proceed beyond that, the next process is to appoint a three-member board to hear both sides of the appeal and make a final ruling.”

If Rich King and Team Harley-Davidson lose during the appellate process, then the four-race suspension would begin after Daytona, which could mean that King will be suspended during the Memorial Day Weekend events at Springfield, Illinois.

We are still attempting to get official word from Harley-Davidson. Stay tuned.

By Scott Rousseau