2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH

Adam Booth | August 10, 2017

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH

Fox Racing debuts its new gear, including a magnetic helmet visor.

When you think of epic spots to moto, Zaca Station, located in Central California, is always a bucket-list destination. And for good reason. Its scenic surrounds and loamy dirt attract riders from all around. To showcase the Fox MX18 line of moto gear, Fox gathered the dirt-bike-media world together in Los Olivos, California, for a night of wine and dine before a day at of riding at Zaca Station.

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
Ricky Carmichael spent time enjoying Zaca.

The Fox MX18 lineup features a lot of new colorways and some revisions to the premium Flexair line, but the big news for 2018 includes the V3 helmet with MVRS and the new 180 boot. The all-new 2018 V3 with MVRS (Magnetic Visor Release System) uses a visor attached with magnets. Fox felt there was an opportunity to do a better job managing rotational forces externally, so they found a way to mount a visor that easily breaks away in a crash. Fox also wanted to ensure the visor stays popped off in a crash situation, but doesn’t get knocked off by roost.

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
The new Flexair gearsets for 2018.

It’s a very simple system that works well and it’s very easy to snap the visor into place. The MVRS is an exclusive feature for Fox helmets so you won’t see it on any other helmets on the market. The V3 still uses the MIPS system to manage internal rotational forces.

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
The MVRS magnetic visor in action.

The other major announcement was the release of the new, entry-level boot: the 180. It retails for only $250 and takes a lot of function and features from the $550 Fox Instinct boot. Fox worked to capture the same fit and feel by building off casts of the Instinct boot at the factory level. The lower toe box, and even the lower two buckles, are the same as the Instinct boot. The major difference is the 180’s silicone closure at the top of the boot. It does a good job of sealing around the calf and leg. The silicone strap has four adjustments, offering a wide range of adjustment, and closes easily.

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
The Fox 180 boot.

The inside ankle and leg area of the 180 features a nice, flat design with a rubber burn guard, offering a good grip to the motorcycle. On the back of the 180 boot, there’s a plastic heel cap, an Achilles cover, and a calf guard for added protection. A lock-out system similar to an instinct boot allows the foot to flex forward, but it will lock out before hyper-extension.

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
Not to leave out the off-road riders, the Legion gear now comes in a maroon colorway.

When it comes to colors of the gear, it looks like Fox went a little more subtle, ditching a lot of the neon and flow colors this year. Fox’s premium line of gear, the Flexair, has two new colorways for 2018. The Flexair pants received three updates, starting with a more rigid waistband system, keeping the pant from pulling down. The knee area is slimmer while still fitting over knee braces, and Fox removed the internal-liner system, making the pant lighter and cooler.

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
The 180 gear looks great, is durable, and doesn’t break the bank.

Not everyone has a body like Ryan Dungey, or fat wallets, and that’s why Fox offers the 360 and 180 gear lines. The 360 gear (core racewear) has three new colorways, as does the 180 gear (entry level).CN

2018 Fox MX18 Introduction: PRODUCT LAUNCH
Carey Hart churning up some Zaca dirt.


To see the entire line of Fox gear, visit www.foxracing.com

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