Chris Bach Wins Copperhead Row MAXC

Cycle News Staff | August 11, 2014

Chris Bach claimed the overall win at the Copperhead Row MAXC in Indiana. Photography by Jeff M. Vanasdal

The AMA MAXC Racing Series headed to Martinsville, Indiana, for round six and the Copperhead Row event. Rockstar/JCR Honda’s Chris Bach returned to the series and took advantage of the pristine track conditions to earn the win. Derrik Allen finished second followed by Austin Lee in third.

It was Bach’s third win of the series, and he played it smart in Indiana by hanging back off the start to let the track break in and to learn the challenging course. Bach’s strategy would prove be a good one. He waited until the end of the first lap before taking over the lead, and then he and former MAXC winner Teddy Mullins swapped for the next couple laps. Then Mullins suffered a mechanical issue that took him out of the race. Bach led the way for the final three laps, putting two-minute gap between him and second place.

“At the beginning I didn’t want to lead because the track needed breaking in,” said Bach. “It was a tough course just the way it was laid out and some of the guys were struggling on some of the hills. It made it pretty tough to pull away from anybody, but it was a pretty good race day!”

Derrik Allen finished second.

Derrik Allen was top three heading into the first corner. Allen made his way into second place by the end of the first lap. By the third lap, Allen dropped to fourth for several laps, before making up some ground once again to retake second place for the final two laps.

“Like always, we tried to get off to a good start and a good position,” said Allen. “We did that and we just tried to ride solid and pretty steady for most of the race, and we did. I fell back for a little while and we had a few issues. I then caught up to Austin (Lee) and we had a pretty heated battle that was fun.”

Austin Lee (123) returned to the MAXC podium.

Austin Lee, fresh off his win in round five, claimed another podium finish. After grabbing the holeshot and the early lead, Lee came though the first lap in third. Lee then took over the lead again briefly on lap two but would again fall back to third where he would finish for the day.

“I felt like I had a lot of speed on the track and everything was going good,” Lee said. “But I lost time every lap in a mudhole before an uphill and you’re not going to win doing that. I lost a lot of time and positions there, but other than that, I liked the track.”

MAXC Series

Round 6

Martinsville, Indiana

August 10, 2014


1. Chris Bach (Hon)

2. Derrik Allen (Kaw)

3. Austin Lee (Hbg)

4. Chris Douglas (KTM)

5. Jake Froman (Sus)


By Jeff M. Vanasdal