Austin Forkner, Sean Cantrell Capture Mammoth Motocross Minis

Kit Palmer | June 26, 2014
  Austin Forkner won the Supermini 2 title at Mammoth

Austin Forkner won it all in the Supermini division after the first day of racing in the Mini portion of the Mammoth Motocross. Photography by Kit Palmer

MAMMOTH LAKES, CA. JUNE 24-25 — After two full days of racing, the busiest part of the week long Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross — the Minicycle portion —is now in the history books, and the talk of the mountain was Team Green Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner.

The rider from Missouri had a near-perfect weekend of racing in the premier Supermini 1 and 2 classes, though he had to share the two-day overall championships with fellow Team Green Kawasaki rider Sean Cantrell.

On Tuesday, Forkner won both the Supermini 1 (12-15) and Supermini 2 (13-16) final events, and he also won the Supermini 2 final in Wednesday’s run-off. But, in the Supermini 1 final on Wednesday while trying to go for the perfect record, it was Cantrell who got off to a fast start and was leading the way over Forkner. While chasing Cantrell, Forkner bobbled and lost some ground and then later slowed with a flat rear tire.

Cantrell went on to win the race. His second place in the class on Tuesday combined with his win on Wednesday gave him the overall two-day victory in the Supermini 1 division, with Forkner taking the Supermini 2 overall title.

  Sean Cantrell took home a Mammoth title.

Sean Cantrell claimed the Supermini 1 overall victory at Mammoth.

One of the happiest riders of the two days was 50 Open winner Jordan Torres. The Cobra rider took the overall win with a 3-1 on Tuesday and finished second overall to Parker Ross’ 1-2 on Wednesday, but his 1-2 daily overall finishes was enough to give him the overall victory for the both days of racing. Ross ended up second overall.

Jordan Torres was the big winner in the 50 Open class.

Chance Hymas gave KTM a class championship in the 65 (6-8) division. He was unstoppable over the two days of racing, winning every time he got on the bike.

For the most part, however, it was pretty much a Kawasaki benefit during the two days of racing, with Team Green riders coming away with the most class and overall championships. Team Green’s Stilez Robertson edged out KTM’s Ethan Mann for the two-day overall 85 (9-11) number-one trophy, while Carson Mumford topped fellow Kawasaki rider Garrett Marchbanks for the Mini Sr. 2 (9-14) class overall championship. Jett Reynolds also won the 65 (9-11) class. And with Forkner and Cantrell both pulling down multiple class wins, it was indeed a good two days of racing at Mammoth for the green team.

Preston Kilroy gave KTM an overall title in the 65 Open class, with Reynolds finishing second and Maximus Vohland (KTM) third.

KTM rider Conner Mullennix also gave KTM an overall victory in the Mini Sr. 1 (12-13) class, with Marchbanks taking second.

  Jett Reynolds took home some Bear trophies at Mammoth.

Stilez Robertson was flying at Mammoth

Racing on the mountain takes a break today (Thursday), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much going on at the track. The track is open for practice all day, giving the big bike-riders a chance to dial in their machines in the high elevation.

After two days of clear, windy and warm (bordering on hot) weather in the Mammoth area, riders woke up to rain, cloudy and much cooler weather conditions Thursday morning for today’s practice. Weather is expected to be cloudy for tomorrow’s Open/Schoolboy, 25+ and Women’s racing.

Saturday is reserved for the 250s (including the FMF Two-Stroke and College Boy classes). The 2014 Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross concludes Sunday with the 450s, WMX and 250 B/C racing.

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