Ivan Ramirez Wins Jericho National Hare & Hound

Mark Kariya | May 5, 2014
  Ivan Ramirez won the Jericho National Hare   Hound. Photography by Mark Kariya

Ivan Ramirez returned to his winning ways at the Jericho National Hare & Hound in Utah. Photography by Mark Kariya

JERICHO, UTAH, MAY 3 – FMF/KTM Factory Off-Road Racing Team’s Ivan Ramirez ran away from the field to win the Sage Riders MC’s Shawn Gerber Memorial AMA National Hare & Hound at the Little Sahara Recreation Area near Jericho, Utah.

Ramirez got off to a fast start and never looked back. If he had, he would have seen nothing but sand and trees between him and second-place finisher Ricky Brabec on the THR Motorsports/Monster Energy/Precision Concepts Kawasaki.

Third place overall went to Purvines Racing’s Nick Burson on the Beta. Burson contemplated pulling out of the race after crashing hard early in the race, but he chose to continue one, making his decision the right one.

Fourth overall went to fellow Beta rider TJ Hannifin and fifth overall to 250 A-class winner Josh Knigh on a KTM.

Joey Black topped the Open A class, while Chad Gottfredson won the Vet A class.


Round 6

May 3, 2014

Little Sahara Recreation Area

Jericho, Utah


1. Ivan Ramirez (KTM)

2. Ricky Brabec (Kaw)

3. Nick Burson (Beta)

4. TJ Hannifin (Beta)

5. Josh Knight (KTM)

6. Brandon Prieto (KTM)

7. Ryan Smith (Yam)

8. Carson Giles

9. Jared Schlapia (Yam)

10. Irving Powers (TM)


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