MotoGP: The Calm Before The Storm

Andrea Wilson | November 9, 2013

Photography by Gold & Goose
There has been plenty of hype for the final showdown for the 2013 MotoGP World Championship between Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. And if today’s qualifying was any indication, it should live up to the hype.

Lorenzo struck first with his opening flying lap holding up until the waning moments of the 15-minute session. Then came Marquez on a flier – and it was good enough for the young phenom to snatch pole from his rival.

So now the MotoGP world waits in anticipation for tomorrow’s final match at 2 p.m local time. In the post qualifying press conference, Marquez was asked if he will sleep well tonight?

“Yeah, until today I sleep well,” said a smiling Marquez. “So I hope to sleep well too today, but sleep is not a problem for me.”

Lorenzo’s woes came after his best lap when his “A “bike had a problem that forced him to pit for his second bike. And he couldn’t match Marquez pace at the end. But he’ll start from the all-important front row along side his rival. And its easy to argue that Lorenzo is riding better this year than he has in his career. Does he think so?

“Yeah, I think this year I make some improvement in my riding style that give me some tenths,” he responded. “Also, during the last two years I think I improve a lot the feeling the in the first laps. So, yes, I think in this moment I am riding in my best ever.”

Over the course of the weekend Marquez has been riding a bit loose, having many holding their breath as he somehow rode through it.  So what will his plans for tomorrow’s big day be? Ride safe or just go out to try and win in typical Marquez fashion.

“I don’t know depends of the feeling,” Marquez said. “The plan was like that – ride like always, try to be the same Marc like all the year during Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will see how is the feeling.

“But my plan is to be the same Marc to try to be there with Jorge [Lorenzo] with [Dani] Pedrosa and fight for the race. Sure the championship it’s more important, but even like that if you are riding fast if you are pushing then the concentration it’s much higher. Anyway we will see tomorrow. But if we won, if we finish second of the championship… I mean for me will be sure, will be much better if I won. But for me in many case will be okay because you know my first season in MotoGP to lead the championship in the last race it’s amazing.”

With a full house, the great competition, and the anticipation of tomorrow’s title decider in Spain the atmosphere at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit is incredible. Marquez and Pedrosa were asked about their thoughts on it and what they expected for tomorrow.

“Yeah it’s incredible,” Marquez said. “All the Spanish fans are here supporting all the Spanish riders. And it’s incredible ride on this circuit because you know, the grandstand is quite big and you can feel all the people that are pushing you. And, yeah, just the Spanish riders try to do the best and here we are on the front row.”

“Yeah, it’s true,” Pedrosa said. “Because I was very focused during free practice four and qualifying I couldn’t really get my head up, but when the qualifying was over I check and all the grandstand… I felt like it was full. I know it was really, really full. But sure for tomorrow I think its gonna to be full.

“It’s going to be very exciting from the bike. And also in the paddock there is a lot of people this weekend. So, yeah, everybody is very excited”

Even with all the excitement, it was a fairly good-natured vibe in the press conference and there was more laughter than tension.

The 2013 Moto2 Champion Pol Espargaro was present at the press conference for his Moto2 pole in today’s qualifying. The Spaniard was asked who he would like to see with him in the annual championship picture after tomorrow’s title deciding races for Moto3 and the premier class.

Espargaro looked to his right at the others and said, “Who pay more?”

“No I for me it’s the same really the same, because we did good our job,” he continued after laughter in the room subsided. “Our job was to be there and we will be there so I just can say good luck to them. And tomorrow for sure I will enjoy the entire races.”

The front row of tomorrow’s MotoGP race – Marquez, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa were asked their predictions for tomorrow’s race.

“If I have to bet my money on someone, I will put my money on Marc [Marquez],”Lorenzo said about the championship. “Maybe not all, but some of my money.”

Marquez responded with, “Pressure, pressure.”

As for making a race prediction…

“Jorge, Dani [Pedrosa], Marc,” Marquez predicted.

Pedrosa however, wasn’t willing to go out on a limb without a sure bet.

“It’s impossible to say,” he said. “With these two, nah impossible.”

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