Product Showcase: EVS Sports’ New Gear

Cycle News Staff | September 27, 2013

Seven Videos Showcasing the Latest from EVS Sports

EVS Sports Axis Pro Knee Brace

The Axis uses Hybrid Technology Construction, consisting of lightweight, strong carbon-fiber and aluminum. Anatomically correct hinges track natural knee movement and it’s adjustable on the medial and the lateral sides.

EVS Sports T7 Helmet


The Snell-2010 and DOT-approved T7 has RAM Air-Cooling System, internal EPS ventilation channels, and a removable, washable moisture-wicking comfort liner.

EVS Sports T5 Helmet


The DOT-approved, ECE-approved T5 helmet weighs a lightweight 1474 grams and has a RAM Air-Cooling System with oversized intake and exhaust ports for maximum airflow.

EVS Sports Epic Knee/Shin Guard


This knee/shin guard has upper and lower cuffs that contour around the leg for a custom fit and feel, in addition to floating patella knee cups and an adjustable strapping system.

EVS Sports F1 Roost Guard


The all-new F1 roost guard has a compact and form-fitting design, and it is compatible with all major brands of neck braces.

EVS Sports R4 Race Collar


The R4 has an easy front-entry system and minimizes risk of axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion.

EVS Sports Web Knee Brace


EVS’s Sports Web Knee Brace has a rigid carbon-fiber monocoque shell and provides impact protection and enhanced knee stabilization.

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