Riding Impression: 2013 Husaberg TE250 and FE350

Cycle News Staff | April 9, 2013

When Husaberg gave us the opportunity to pick up either its TE250 two-stroke or the FE350 four-stroke off-roader they had available for testing, we couldn’t decide –  so we left with both. Problem solved.

But what if you were considering purchasing either one of these bikes? You’d be in the same boat as us, but probably without the happy ending. (Though at least you get to keep yours.)

The scenario, however, is a realistic one. If you’re looking for a high-end, top-of-the-line midsize off-road bike, there’s a very good chance that your search would narrow down to these two very similar machines, as both are very capable dirt bikes worth every penny Husaberg wants for them.

Both the TE250 and FE350 share many of the same parts. Except for a few engine-mounting tabs, their frames are identical; as are their WP suspension components. They also have the same handlebars, seat, brakes, tires and plastic. And they are both closely related to their KTM (XC and XCF-W) counterparts (makes sense since KTM owns Husaberg, so there is a lot of part sharing going on these days).

But there is one very big difference between the two ‘Bergs and that, of course, is their motors: The FE is powered by a four-stroke engine and the TE’s powerplant is a two-stroke.

Tough choice, indeed.

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