2013 Triumph Tiger Sport 1200: FIRST RIDE

Alan Cathcart | March 12, 2013

Triumph’s Tiger has had the longest run of any of the British manufacturer’s current products, with 46,182 of the bike produced since it was launched in 1993. Since then it’s gathered a loyal and extensive band of hardened high-mileage devotees, who while mature in years (the average Tiger customer is aged 47.5, says Triumph) have extensive riding experience, ride all year round, and prize the Tiger for its practicality allied with performance. The Italians inevitably have a term for it – it’s a moto totale, a true real-world motorcycle that you can use for the daily commute, take your wife to the store on, ride on a Sunday morning and still keep up with the kids on Supersport bikes, fit luggage and go touring with – and generally enjoy for its sheer usability. It inspires the same kind of loyalty as a BMW R1200GS.

After spending a 200-mile day riding round the hills of Catalunya inland from Barcelona’s small but swanky Sitges beach resort aboard the completely revamped 2013-model Tiger Sport…

For the complete test on the new Triumph Tiger Sport 1200…

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