DeCal Works New DeSign Studio

Press Release | March 22, 2013

Chicago, IL (March 21, 2013) – From the original, and still #1 Graphic and Number company, DeCal Works is proud to unveil the “DeSign Studio”.  DeSign Studio offers, far and away, the simplest, easiest, most visible way to order custom graphic kits. 

DeCal Works has always provided racers the widest design elements and the greatest level of customization. With the vast offerings it was vital to simplify the ordering process while providing images of how the graphics will look with each selection and click.

DeSign Studio is nothing short of amazing; simply select your make, model, year and click your way to customized perfection.  With each click, the large bike image on the screen changes appearance and provides the option of clicking back to change color or clicking forward to save, moving to the next selection. 

Add your name, number, sponsors logos to stand out from the crowd and feature those sponsors that help with your racing program.  Another advantage: When ordering custom graphic kits, DeCal provides an option of new OEM-quality plastic kits from ($99).  The plastic, along with backgrounds professionally mounted (free of bubbles, creases) are shipped to your front door saving you time, money, and headaches.

We invite you to check out the latest designs, including the radical new 2013 T-10 and T-11 versions, the simple DeSign Studio and all the product offerings at

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