Interview: Ryan Dungey On His A3 Win

Kit Palmer | February 6, 2013
Kit Palmer talks to Ryan Dungey about his roller coaster night at Anaheim III. Photography By: Kit Palmer

Photography By: Kit Palmer

Ryan Dungey came within a whisker of not even making the main event at Anaheim III, but when it was all over he was the man standing on the top step of the podium. For Dungey, it was a wild and crazy ride to the top, and it all started with that “sinking” feeling he got just moments before the gate dropped in his heat race. That’s when his bike’s air shock started losing pressure.

“As I was revving the bike, it was getting lower and lower,” Dungey said. “I put my head down when the 30-second board went up, gave it gas and it started getting [even] lower.”

The pack took off without him, though Dungey’s racer instinct was to “go,” even with the rear fender nearly resting on the tire. He rode down the start chute then accepted the fact he was out of the race.

Dungey and his team might’ve been deflated at the moment, but he wasn’t done just yet.

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