2013 Zero Electric Motorcycles: FIRST RIDE

Alan Cathcart | November 27, 2012
The new 2013 line of Zero Motorcycles makes a leap forward with more speed and more range.  Photography By: Kevin Wing

Photography By: Kevin Wing

A top speed of 95 mph. A 137-mile range. A one hour recharge time. Those are the stats that really count in considering the substantial leap forward made by the 2013 range of electric bikes manufactured in California by Zero Motorcycles.

Zero’s 2012 models already represented a major step up from its previous products that had kicked off its streetbike production in 2009, with their measly 43-mile range on the American EPA’s suburban riding cycle officially lifted to 114 miles. And top speed raised to 88 mph from 67 mph. But the world of e-transportation is moving fast, especially in the realm of batteries, and for 2013 Zero has taken an even more significant leap forward in making its products practical as well as fun. They’ve done so by increasing their performance and range, and reducing recharge times dramatically – to the point that they now bear direct comparison in terms of real world rideability with motorcycles that need a spark to light them.

Oh, and they’ve also made them look better as well – thanks to hiring in-house designer Matt Bentley to smooth out the looks. Now they appear to be conceived as an integrated whole, rather than a random compendium of parts that just happened to meet up with each other in Zero’s 40,000-square foot factory.

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