2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300: FIRST RIDE

Paul Carruthers | October 2, 2012

Photography By: Kevin Wing

You always read and hear about competition improving the breed and usually that talk is in regard to what happens on the racetrack and how it translates back to the engineers back in the design room. But in this case, it’s what happened in the showroom.

Although it has proven to be Kawasaki’s largest selling motorcycle, the 250 Ninja was getting a bit long in the tooth with its last updates coming in 2008. It was starting to show its age – and nothing showed the wrinkles more than the introduction of Honda’s new CBR250. The little Honda was fresh and as a result it stole market share from Kawasaki in that segment. Being the competitors that they are, the lads in green have responded in kind – with the new Ninja 300. And for that we should all stand up and scream: “Thanks, Honda!”

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