Editorial: Will Valentino Rossi Rebound?

Michael Scott | September 7, 2012

Hit the rewind button. Valentino Rossi, the savior of Yamaha and their most successful ever rider, is going back to Yamaha. It’s going to be just like the good old days again.

He’ll be grinning that impish grin, twiddling his ear-ring, then going out to do it all over again – to play tag with teammate Jorge Lorenzo, then fox him in the last corner, marching imperiously towards an eighth and then ninth championship.

Or will he?

That of course is the question Rossi is asking himself. It’s brave for him to do so in public. The answer is far from certain.

Then again, Rossi is the apotheosis of pure racer. Ego on wheels, self-doubt not in the vocab. “I can go faster than you can.” Something every great racer needs to know without having to ask himself.

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Michael Scott | MotoGP Editor

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