Editorial: A Saturday In So. Cal.

Paul Carruthers | September 15, 2012

My day began with a guy on a sportbike crossing the double yellow line, diving up the inside of my car on the Ortega Highway and damn near dragging his knee in the process. Did I mention he was wearing shorts and a tank top? In his defense, I must also mention that he was wearing a helmet.

My day ended some 80 miles away with me laughing hysterically as former road racer and current bike building legend Roland Sands did likewise to a guy on a Buell on the last lap of the Harley Night Finale at Costa Mesa Speedway. Yes, Sands was wearing long pants, but he was on a freaking raked-out Harley… on the little bullring dirt oval that sits inside the Orange County Fairgrounds. And he was racing a guy on a Buell. On a Speedway track. And those two were being chased by far less talent, one of whom caused at least three red flags because of an over-zealous right wrist that resulted in repeated Harley highsides and carnage in turn one. Three times, maybe four. Same dude. I kid you not.

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Paul Carruthers | Editor

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