Carruthers Says… Tough Guy Stoner!

Paul Carruthers | August 21, 2012

For the want of another word, a deep knee contusion is what most of us would call a bruise. Okay, perhaps it’s a bad bruise, but it’s a bruise nonetheless. In the world of Major League Baseball, that likely gets you on the 15-day disabled list. That’s two weeks off. You ice, you relax, you stretch. And you watch your teammates play 13 or 14 games on TV from the comfort of your home while trying very hard to consume just enough beer that your trousers still fit when they call you back to action in two weeks.

When Casey Stoner was flicked off his Honda RC212V MotoGP bike on Saturday afternoon at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he said it was the first time he’d crashed where he wasn’t able to get to his feet and walk off the track under his own power. No wonder. Turns out he had several small bone fractures and torn ligaments in his right ankle. For the want of a better medical term, Stoner had a jacked-up ankle that hurt like hell. In the world of baseball, this might get you 90 days on the DL.

In the world of MotoGP…

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Paul Carruthers | Editor

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