Honda Metropolitan: FIRST RIDE

Paul Carruthers | June 22, 2012
Hondas new Metropolitan 50 will get you where you need to go in style. And for cheap. Photography By: Alfonse Palaima

Photography By: Alfonse Pailama

I don’t care how macho you are and I don’t care that you spend your nights drooling at the thought of riding a Ducati Panigale at Misano, if you’re in a five-rider draft and stretching the throttle cable on a Honda Metropolitan heading down the coast from Redondo Beach to Palos Verde on a sunny day, you’ve got an ear-to-ear smile on your face. Enough said.

Yes, your feet are in front of you. And yes you’re going 35 mph. But at that particular moment in time, you want to belly up to your local dealer, slap down your $1999, find the perfectly placed speed bump, tug on the bars and do a crossed-up wheelie while singing, “Riding on the Metro…” Okay, not exactly what Berlin meant, but it works.

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