Whibley Tops Michigan OMA

Press Release | May 21, 2012

Monster Energy Athlete Paul Whibley remained undefeated in the Parts Unlimited OMA Off-road Series this weekend, taking a well-deserved win at round four of the series in Mesick, Michigan.

As usual, the Am-Pro Yamaha rider grabbed the holeshot at the drop of the flag and led KTM’s Russell Bobbitt and Husaberg’s Nick Fahringer into the woods for the first time to start the opening lap. Fahringer and Bobbitt traded positions before the end of the two-hour race; with Fahringer eventually claiming second while Bobbitt took third. Meanwhile, Whibley stayed clear of the two challengers and went on to record an impressive flag-to-flag victory.

Q: Congratulations on your win; how was the race?

A: It was good. I got the holeshot again and everything went according to plan after that. I think Nick and Russell had a good race, but we managed to stay out front and get the win.

Q: What was the course like this time?

A: Part of it was quite tight, and it was really dry and dusty all day. They had some kind of family enduro on Saturday, and we ran part of that course on Sunday and it was really tight, first gear, lock-to-lock kind of stuff. Then the rest of it was still tight, but it flowed a little better. Once I got into the lead, Nick and Russell had to battle it out in the dust.

Q: You are undefeated in OMA competition; how important would a fifth OMA be to you?

A: Very important. That’s why we race, to win titles. Of course, the GNCC series is my main focus. To win another GNCC title would be awesome. That’s my whole reason for living at the moment, like when I got home at the end of the year, we switch off then and have a month or so of just chillin’ out, but while I’m here in the States my whole reason for being is winning races and a championship, so if I could win another championship, that would be awesome.

Q: You have a GNCC round next weekend in West Virginia; what’s it going to take to win that series?

A: I have to beat Kailub at the moment. Kailub’s riding really good; he’s got a good win streak going and we got to start beating him and getting wins really soon. But again it’s a long season and the key I think is to remain consistent like we have been, keep on that podium and get good points through the year, you never know what’s going to happen at the end of a long season. I’ve got to stay healthy, get good points, and get wins where we can.

Q: Do you have a big following back in New Zealand?

A: A lot of people from home follow the results over here, and I send out reports after each race a lot of the friends and family back home and different websites and they sort of spread it round; like friends email their friends the results. I also do a monthly column for a New Zealand magazine. So I have a fairly good following of people back home who keep an eye on the results on racing back here.

Q: Thanks, Paul. Have a good week and good luck next weekend in West Virginia.

A: Thanks, I’ll talk to you next week.



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