Mickey Fay Jr. Seriously Injured (Updated)

Larry Lawrence | April 12, 2012

Pro flat track racer Mickey Fay Jr., the 19-year-old son of former Team Honda factory TT legend Mickey Fay, was seriously injured in a rollover car accident early Tuesday morning on his way to work. He was airlifted to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center where he is being treated for a punctured lung and various other injuries.

“No one knows what happened for sure,” his father Mickey Fay said today. “The state police think he might have been leaning over to reach for something and veered off the road a little bit and then overcompensated. His vehicle flipped they think about five times and he was ejected at about 60 mph. We don’t believe he has a head injury. The police said at the accident scene he was able to tell them his name and birthdate.

“They removed half a lung and the problem is he can’t breathe on his own right now. It crushed his ribs and now they are checking to see if he has a spinal injury before they try to do anything else to repair his lungs. He’s in critical condition, but he’s holding his own.”

Fay Jr., has raced select events in AMA pro Singles over the last few years. He suffered a broken neck after getting caught up in a crash at the Springfield Mile in May of 2009 and had to wear a halo for seven months.

This update was posted on Fay Jr.’s fiancee’s Facebook page on Thursday night: “Cat scan came back he has 4 small fractures in his spine, nothing major, he’ll have to be in a brace when he’s sitting or standing. Every day better news!”

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